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Jo Big @ Big's Chill Out 11/03/21

One of the best things about blogging is being able to listen to a singer that moves you. That was the case of listening to Jo Big's show today in Second Life.

A pop up of a live concert in second life appeared on my Facebook and as soon as Jo Big started to sing I knew this would be my next blog.

I logged in and teleported over to the venue Big's Chill Out, which is owned by Jo Big and his partner Nhaomi Morrisey, she is the former owner of LA Club.

Right away Jo Big's voice reminded me of the raspy, gritty voice of Joe Cocker with a little bit of David Lee Roth thrown into the mix!

I like to dance and today I was in that mood and if you want an upbeat show to listen to that keeps you dancing that is the Jo Big show!

Right away Jo was singing Living in America, what better song to get you moving!

By the time he started to sing You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker I wanted to

throw my hat off in the excitement of listening to such a good show!

The Jo Big show was exactly what I was looking for this morning!

One high energy song one after another. Lady Marmalade, Soul sisters Billy Idol, Hot Summer Night”. Rod Stewart, Do You Think Im Sexy, the list just goes on and on.

Jo is definitely very good at picking out songs for his style of voice.

Just at about the time when you do not think Jo could sing another great song he comes up with Disco Inferno! One of my favorite dance songs!

He goes on to sing a great Brazilian song with a great Latin beat, Mal Acostumado" and right after that Lambada, a man after my own heart!

You can tell the people here are big fans of Jo Big, they all seem to love him!

I am so glad I stopped by this great show today, it was so full ofenergy!

What a way to start out the weekend, Jo's show got my blood


Jo Big who is from Portugal, has been singing in Second Life for about 4 years now. Due to his schedule in real life, he only performs here at his own venue Big's Chill Out.

His partner Nhaomi Morrisey has many years of experienceowning a venue. She is busy dancing on the stage while also running all the lights along with being more than friendly to everyone.

It is a nice comfortable venue with dance pads which I love. That way I do not have to mess with picking dances.

Thank you for being so welcoming Jo and Nhaomi, what a great

time I had. You do not want to miss this high energy show of Jo Big!

One thing about Second Life you can go to a high energy show one minute and to any other type of genre the next!

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