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John Rocky and Maximillion Kleene Dual Streaming @ Solar Winds

So, I never really blogged two singers one right after another that also shared dual streaming within both of their shows. So, I thought it would probably be best for me to do a special blog that just concentrated on them together. This way I can give it the proper attention it deserves.

John and Max, if you have heard these two separate then you know how good they will be together. You could call this a duet in real life but in a virtual world since they are in two different countries, we refer to this as Dual streaming. However, the trick to it I think is that they cannot hear each other at the same time. And that is the fun of it because this shows just how talented they are.

So, John's show just ended and now Max is on stage with him, and it is all set to start the dual streaming part of their shows. If you have never been to a live dual streaming show like this before you must be there to see just how amazing this is. This is going to be a treat for the audience no doubt! Sit back and listen.

Keep in mind what they are going to sing is not planned. Max tells the audience what song is next up and correct me if I am wrong Max, but I think perhaps Max and John communicate some through messages to know what is going on.

So, their first song is Hotel California by The Eagles. I don't know how to describe this but as soon as they start playing together it is a wonderful vibe they are giving to the audience. I am enjoying this so much and these two sound so awesome when performing together.

Their living it up at the Hotel California, but in this case, it is Solar Winds. The lyrics of this song are captivating!

Polly by Nirvana is the next song. I love the transition from Hotel California to Polly. Such a good choice of songs which highlight John and Max's talents. You can really tell how much they are enjoying performing this song. What a lost to the world when Kurt Cobain of Nirvana died in 1994. Thankful to singers like John and Max for keeping his music going.

They did such a good job on this next song. There is always one song occasionally that I am not sure of the name of it nor the artist, this is one of them. The name of the song is Time by Pink Floyd, I had no idea this was a Pink Floyd song. Once I got into a couple minutes of the song it started to be very familiar to me. Such a nice, relaxed song. It is about how time can slip by, just like how 2021 did and people do not realize until it is too late.

This was an excellent dual stream concert. I hope everyone takes the time to go to all live shows and when you can, check out a dual stream event.

There was such a good connection and so much talent on stage between these two performers! It was a pleasure John and Max!

Check out my next blog for Max's show that was right after this one!

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