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John Rocky @ Love Kats

I've seen John before but like that old saying , he just seems to get better like a fine wine with time , which is saying something because he's always been a very talented artist and his huge following which includes more than a few other well known singers will attest to.

John's song list , which includes a few hundred songs , ranges from Elvis Presley to the Foo Fighters and Guns and Roses ,with a little Black Sabbath and iron Maiden thrown in. To say it is diversive and large is an understatement.

I'm sorry to say I missed John's first song due to second life deciding I needed a break and kicking me off ,but I managed to get back in time for his second song Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion that had the ever growing crowd dancing there little butts off to.

John followed up with AC/DC's Highway to Hell (which I thought was fitting as it was Bon Scotts birthday on the 9th of July) and he did it more than justice .

Later on we all received from him a gift and when I looked at it I was ..well ..err I 'll just tell you what it was , Nipple Lasers !! .he said we all had to wear these for the next song because he couldn't sing it without them . The song was Pink Floyd's Hey You.

So like all the other girls there I was duty bound to have mutli coloured lasers beaming from my chest which totally added to the already awesome atmosphere of the venue.

John is a total showman and the crowd which included a lot of s/l's top performers will attest to that. If you haven't had the good fortune to see John Rocky perform yet , do yourself a favour and get to one of his concerts .

The venue Love kats is a beautifully laid out dance club owned by the lovely

Kat Chauveau-Anatine who started way back in 2009 with a DJ venue when someone asked her "what about live music?"

So she added one day a week and it went so well Kat decided to evolve into live music only and now she has 21 shows a week!

When I asked her what got her into supporting live musicians in second life she replied

"I just loved the music community and I love providing a place for people to play"

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