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John Rocky @ Solar Winds

Tonight, I am going to Solar Winds and starting out with one of two blogs I am doing tonight. First, I am doing John Rocky and he will be dual streaming with Maximillion Kleene towards the end of his show. I think this will end up as 3 blogs. This should be fun because I have not heard John since he left to go sing in China.

I walked into Solar Winds, seems they have it decorated as a winter scene but still have some trademark meteors shooting through the sky! As usual as soon as you land the host or hostess always gives you a friendly hello! Tonight, it was the lovely Mika! who was hosting. One thing about this venue they always keep it up to date and change with the times., that is what makes it so unique. This will be just one of many concerts that I have seen at Solar Winds, I always love it here.

I briefly spoke to John Rocky, he is always very friendly and tonight he said he is doing an unplugged set! For those of you who do not know what unplugged means it is when they perform without any electric instruments. John is very welcoming to his crowd, and he will be playing the acoustic guitar tonight. I am so used to hearing him play the electric guitar so this will be nice for a change.

This is going to be a great set; I can feel the energy here tonight. He starts out with Easy by the Commodores. I don't think I have ever heard this song with acoustic guitar before. Love his guitar playing with this song and this arrangement. Makes me happy!

John streams "Live" from Brazil and it sounds as if it is a hot one there today!

Next song up is Black by Pearl Jam, a song about letting go. Really enjoyed this nice laid-back song. It has some great lyrics and this one touched me, "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star, In somebody else's sky."

John takes a few minutes to say hello and he says it to every single person in the audience. It is great when a singer connects to an audience like that. Grabs their attention and then keeps it through the hour.

The next song is Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, I love the chords in this song. I always thought it was so amazing how you can take a song written for electric guitar and switch it out to acoustic and it is awesome! Another great song pick by John!

I am really enjoying this show tonight. To Be with You by Mr. Big is next. I love the way that John has put these songs together, one compliments the next one. I just love John's voice and how he plays the guitar, it really is spellbinding and touched my soul!

Max just arrived in the sim and John explains to the audience that they will be dual streaming tonight during John's set. I have a feeling that I will be writing a blog just for their dual streaming, you know it will be a treat! So, keep an eye out for that also.

This next song has a little bit of the blues in it. Doin' What the Devil Says To Do by Richie Kotzen.

I had forgotten the vocal range of John's voice, I can’t even sing that high. lol He is singing Overkill by Men at Work and his voice has a great tone in this song. Always loved Men at Work!

His last song before the dual streaming is Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

If you were not fortunate enough to be here for John's show you missed a high energy wonderful time! What a wonderful performance and great entertainer he is.

Please check out my next blog it will be about John and Max's dual streaming, it deserves to have its own blog!

Happy New Year to all!!

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