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Joshua Vox Sings Live at The Classical Musical Event at Lavender Fields – Feed A Smile on 5/7/2023

Updated: May 12

I have often thought I wish I could find a venue with someone singing opera/classical for an entire hour. OK, remove that crazy look on your face - this cow-punching, boot-scootin’ country song lovin girl DOES love opera and classical music!! LOL Unbeknown to Brique Topaz, owner of Lavender Fields, and singer Joshua Vox, they made my wish come true! Arriving at Lavender Fields in our grungy jeans, Neo and I soon realized the preferred dress was formal. How could I not realize that? Because with opera comes a certain flare of grace and formality. So, with a quick push of a button, boom, we had our best gown and tuxedo on. Isn’t SL wonderful where you can switch clothes at a moment's notice? I wish I could do that in my first life and have all my clothes clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free in one minute!

The theater was beautifully decorated with spring flowers, red drapes, and comfortable white chairs aligned perfectly in front of the stage. Brique is one of the most caring, generous people in SL that I know. Lavender Fields is her baby and has dedicated the shows at her venue to Feed A Smile, a charity that feeds many children in Kenya. Thanks to all the entertainers who provide their time and talent to help raise contributions for such a worthy cause. (See more below).

Joshua Vox is a new singer in SL coming to us from Brazil. His tenor voice is smooth as butter and delicious as a glass of chilled red wine. His voice is soft but heavy when it needs to be and his vibratos exquisite. Many times, I had my eyes closed fantasizing about being on the cliffs of a foreign country, crystal wine glass in hand, a cheese and fruit platter within reach, beautiful scenery, and Joshua singing in several different languages. And yes, he does - he sings in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English, French, and German. I have always been in awe of someone who speaks more than one language, but several languages - that is intelligence and a gift beyond comprehension.

Fortunately, Brique provided a show program of all the songs to be sung. And a special shout-out to Neo who helped me write down the titles of the pieces. The opera genre tells extremely emotional stories playing on our heartstrings. Usually love and tragedy are involved in the story, and there is a concentration on singing versus acting. Most of the pieces Joshua sang are from recognizable operas or classical music and tell of passionate experiences. My favorite was “Ah! Leve toi soleil” from Romeo and Juliette, a Shakespearean classic made into an opera. Most of us know this romatic tragedy but with this piece, Romeo is searching for Juliet and finds her at the castle on her balcony and begins to sing of her beauty. Beautiful, sensitive, romantic, and oh so full of love.

In between songs, Josh requested donations be made to feed the children, and then he sang an incredibly special song in Spanish dedicated to all the little ones – “Hallelujah.” I could feel the hairs stand up on my arms with little goosebumps listening to his rendition of that one. The following are the pieces Joshua Vox sang at the event: Granada, Por Una Cabeza, Parla Piu Piano, Ma Rendi pur Contento, Caro Mio Ben, An die Musik, Melodia Sentimental, La fleur que tu m'avais jetee from the opera Carmen (Joshua showed off a bit of his upper range on that one), and Ladonna e mobile from Rigoletto, (runs were beautiful).

Joshua Vox can also be found around the grid singing pop and soft rock. I will have to visit his shows again to check out his work with these genres. Thank you, Joshua, for a lovely evening and for satisfying one of my SL musical wishes.

Huggss Trishia

Joshua Vox’s Bio

“Joshua Vox has been playing nightclubs, theater, and parties professionally in RL for well over two decades, he specializes in lyrical and popular singing. He is a vocal coach and as a singer, he acted in many TV shows in Brazil and participated in operas, concerts, and shows. He is a songwriter, vocalist, and founder of the synthpop/rock band called Cast in Steel which also performs throughout Brazil with the Rock Legends project with original songs and covers from the 80s and 90s.”

Feed A Smile Information:

“With our "Feed a Smile" project we are able to assure nutritious warm lunches for more than 560 children every day. - 6 days a week. All funds are donations. 100% of the donations are transferred directly to Kenya to care for the children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. We provide medical/dental care to all LLK-children — including check-ups and vaccinations. We also have a sponsorship program - Sponsoring a child costs 360 US$ per year, about a dollar a day a day. This fee pays for everything that the child needs to go to school - fees, mandatory uniform and shoes, textbooks, school supplies and a warm meal every day. The sponsor receives a photo, a short description of the child and a letter of appreciation from the child - or a drawing if the child is still too young to write. A progress report, photo and a letter from the child are sent to the sponsor annually.”

All information can be found on the website

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