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LEVI ZUZU @ The Grove , Woodland Park Amphitheater

It's the end of the day for me and time for some music . I put on a posh dress and head over to The Grove, a beautifully designed Estate owned by Crito Galtier. The singer I've come to hear is in the newly updated Woodland Park Amphitheater which is stunning. As I walk in Skeat and Crito greet me warmly and on the stage is Levi Zuzu. I've heard Levi before but not a full show , he doesn't sing often in my timeline ,so I grabbed this chance. Levi produces his own tunes one of which he calls '60's of Love' inviting his guests to help him with a Title. He has an amazing tenor voice powering out 'Sound of silence' and then delivering a poignant song 'Miss Sarajevo'

When I'm doing a music blog , I like to go back to a song I haven't heard before and listen again . 'Song to a Siren ' was one of these , so sad and touching. Levi sang this with such soul . He has a distinct sound and rhythm all his own . 'Miss Sarajevo' was another I hadn't heard , the words made me so curious , I read the background to it.

Levi interacts so well with the guests chatting with them and taking many requests. He sang many favourites 'Dancing in the Dark' 'Waiting for a Girl ' and my personal favourite ' Bridge over Troubled Water' . I'm a HUGE Simon and Garfunkel Fan. The hour went so fast , I'll be back to listen to Levi next week .

Well done to Crito and his team, on creating such a beautiful place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and giving the stage to such talent.

LEVI ZUZU ' The Quiet Storm' A 'Must Hear'

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