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Lisa Brune @ Sapphire Beach Club

Last weekend I was once again a guest at Sapphire Beach Club, where everyone is warmly welcomed by the Sinclaire family and where there is such a fantastic beach ambience as rarely seen in SL. With great attention to detail, everything is brought to perfection and you can only marvel. It is definitely worth zooming around a little and you will always discover something beautiful and new.

I was there a little earlier and saw the next artist already standing in the audience and she already had a lot of fun, seemed completely relaxed, giggled and made jokes. Many artists have to center themselves before a show and concentrate on the coming hour, which I can understand very well but this singer did not seem to need that and that made me even more curious about what would await me in the coming hour.

Lisa Brune, who has been enchanting her audience for many years as a singer in SL, enters the stage and already at the first movement I was in love! In love with her enchanting French accent, which was unmistakable, and her incredibly likeable nature, which simply exudes joy. Friendly relaxed and very amused, she welcomed her guests and her numerous fans in English and French. The first song Aicha by Khaled, which I love very much, was wonderfully interpreted and I knew that time would fly by with her.

The other songs on this evening were:

Jimmy – Moriarty

Demons - Jacob Lee

Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

I wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys

I'm gonna be - The Proclaimers

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

Confide in me - Kylie Minogue

Should be higher - Depeche Mode

What a magical and safe voice! Lisa has incredible tact and is able to switch from the belly voice to the head voice without any problems and hits the notes perfectly. Her soft, sexy voice during the quieter songs is a real treat. She interprets the songs in her own way and always puts the right feeling into it and gives her music so much soul.

She has a lot of fun and joy in performing, which is transmitted to all spectators and it is a great and nice experience to be a guest at her concert and to be able to participate in her great talent.

My absolute recommendation to everyone to experience her live!

**translated from German**

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