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Luciano Lionheart @ The Dreamer's Cafe

I have blogged Luciano before and it is always wonderful to go to his shows, he is just so gifted! I heard that this was his last show for a while because due to real life issues he will not be able to perform for a while! Although he promises that he will return to Second life, so I am going to hold him to that! So of course, I had to come to this last show before he left.

He had left Second Life before and I was there for his return this past February. That day was so full of anticipation as he had not sung in Second life for two years, I will never forget that day. So, it is only fitting that I am here when he leaves us for a while. So over to the venue!

He is performing today at The Dreamer's Cafe, a great venue. I got here early and there were already so many people here.

As always Luciano was very warm and welcoming to his audience. You really cannot get more of a genuine person than this man is. His audience loves him, and he totally appreciates ever one of them for being here. Luciano is a gentleman, polite and considerate of all.

What can you say about Luciano...every wonderful adjective I can think of describes him. He is a joy to listen to and if you have ever gone to one of his performances you know the emotional feeling that you get as soon as he starts to sing.

He is singing "The Music of the Night" a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber from Phantom of the Opera.

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication

Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation

Let the dream begin.....

Those words from that song so describe the feeling you get when Luciano sings. What an exceptional performance!

I am not sure if most of you know but Luciano was an understudy for the Phantom of the Opera in New York City until he got sick a few years back. He came into Second Life to keep his voice strong by singing in here.

His next song is "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You", which was what many of his fans were thinking because of his departure for a while. What a lovely song this is.

Next, he did an unbelievable version of "Help" by the Beatles. He brought the tempo way down to a slow version of this song. I have never heard this song done this way and it was fantastic! My god once again he takes a song and makes it his own!

There were so many other performers in the crowd today. All wanting to come and listen to just one more song before Luciano must leave. He was very gracious in recognizing these singers. Cranston Yordstorm, another singer in sl sings this song "Let the Good Times Roll" by Sam Butera and The Witnesses. Luciano recognizes him and tells the audience this is one of Cranston songs before Luciano starts to sing! Great upbeat song!

"Nella Fantasia" was originally an instrumental song for the film Mission by Ennio Morricone. Mr. Morricone gave Sarah Brightman the permission to turn this into a song, so glad that he did! I cannot even begin to tell you how well Luciano does this song. I have always been so impressed with him. He sings this song from his heart to the point that you can feel him when he sings. This song made me cry, it is such an emotional song but mainly because Luciano projects and creates a beautiful vocal tone when he sings it.

A Bonnie Raitt classic is next, "I Can’t Make You Love Me". To top it off he used a backing track with Fly Kugin on it! She is another wonderful performer that plays the violin in sl. She is also a real-life performer and is from Istanbul! I have to say the combination of the violin with this song was just wonderful.

He has a request from Dreama Summerwind another great singer in second life. That request is "Because We Believe", a song written by David Foster and Andrea Bocelli. They are all here to say goodbye.

"Melodramma" by Andrea Bocelli is next. This song tugs on the emotional heart strings of everyone in the audience. When Luciano sings it, he makes you fall in love with this song.

"Bring Him Home" from Les Misérables is the final song of today's show. This is truly one of my most favorite songs.

This was a most powerful show today. I am sorry if you were not here that you missed it. The sim was full, a testimony to the popularity of Luciano Lionheart. He is so beloved by everyone and can sing from popular music to traditional such as opera. Even though this is Second Life he still commands a dramatic presence when he sings. He has empathy, charisma and the chemistry between him and his audience is amazing. We will miss you Luciano and just know that we will all be waiting for your return. Until we meet again! We will Bring you Home again to Second Life!

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