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LUX @ Cafe Musique

Walking along the weathered wood pathway onto the sandy beach where the azure water is gently lapping the edge and imagining the soft sea breeze on my face, I reflect on the singer I've come to write about. LUX, a young Canadian lady who has found her way into the amazing world of music in Second Life.

This is Cafe Musique, owned by Laya Sugarplum , a lady who works tirelessly, with her team, to help newcomers as well as established performers to find their way into the music scene. LUX is one of these new voices. As I settle into one of the many beach chairs placed around the dance area one of my colleagues, Sunshine Palmyra joins me and we have a brief chat ., as Lux begins her show by holding a minute's silence in remembrance of the fallen servicemen, marking Memorial Day.

Lux has an engaging way with her guests, greeting them warmly and adding their names into a song. Her voice is soft and melodious with a sultry hint, sometimes reaching high notes

Just a few of the tunes Lux sang in her show

' Never Gonna Give you Up'

'What I Like about You' including all the names of the guests s she sang

'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'

'Walking on Sunshine'

'Flock of Seagulls

'White Wedding'

I chatted with Lux after her show, asking her how she came to SecondLife music.

' So originally I took part in the Viral Voice competition for season 2, that was my very first singing experience, it was daunting because it was such a big production, I just did it for the fun of it, then when I was eliminated after episode 3 I kinda took a break, but after exploring a lot of venues in SL I would see singers singing in-stream and I would say to myself damn, I wanna do that. So this past January I've been marketing myself to different club owners and for the longest time, everybody kept saying no, but after I was given a chance to actually showcase my voice things started picking up. Since then I have performed more than over 50 shows and just this past weekend I performed in RL which was such a fun experience.

This entire experience has been very positive for me, to be able to sing in a digital venue and be in Canada but to have like 20 people from different places around the world listening to little old me, a girl from a small city and Manitoba really means a lot to me

I feel like by singing in Second life if I made someone smile just for one day then I have done my job. I like bringing light into other people's lives only if it's just for a moment.

Someone once told me Lux is the scientific word for luminance or light. So that is why I chose the name that I did

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