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M-E-E-S-H-Y at Cafe Musique

So today I am going over to the Cafe Musique stage. I have been wanting to do this blog for some time now. I finally get my chance to blog M-E-E-S-H-Y in one of my favorite venues!

So, M-E-E-S-H-Y is getting all set up on the stage as the host Mika is warmly greeting all the guests coming in to start off another wonderful day of LIVE MUSIC here at Cafe Musique. I have been coming to this venue for as long as it has been open. When you wake up early at least here in the USA this venue is always the place to go for the beginning of the day shows! Today the show is inside but they do have a great outside venue also. I have always felt that this venue is very welcoming and has a nice laid-back atmosphere for a show.

-A-R-R-A- his real-life wife comes in, so it looks like the show is about to start!

I like to give a little bit of a background on the artists that I blog. So many of these artists have an extensive musical background before they come to Second Life to perform. That is the case of M-E-E-S-H-Y. Believe it or not he started as a drummer for a metal band back in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Singing was always a passion of his that he started more especially after his real-life wife -A-R-R-A- another talented singer, started to sing in Second Life. In fact, they sing duets together which is something not to be missed! He sings a mix of songs from rap to rock, ballads, and songs from the current pop scene.

M-E-E-S-H-Y welcomes everyone here, he is such a friendly person and makes you feel relaxed.

He starts with a very upbeat song, "Keep on Movin'" by Five. I love it when a singer starts out with a great song to get their audience going, this is for sure one of those songs. The mood is set, let us have a fun time!

Next song is "Believer" by Imagine Dragons. I had never heard this song until I heard

M-E-E-S-H-Y sing it a few years ago. It is important for people to know the history of a song. This one is about real-life personal struggles of the band’s lead singer Dan Reynolds. Songs not only express emotion but they also tell exceptional stories like this one.

M-E-E-S-H-Y stops to take a sip of his beer and then continues to be that very friendly guy up on the stage! He is relaxed up there entertaining his fans.

He starts to talk about his wife -A-R-R-A- who I mentioned earlier. Now they are going to sing a duet from the movie A Star Is Born. Yes, you got it right if you were thinking of the song "Shallow". What a great duet! Personally, this song is made for them and -A-R-R-A- absolutely shines in this performance! If you have never heard her, you need to catch her solo act. I am hoping she might sing "Always Remember Us This Way" another great song from A Star is Born in her show.

"Breathe" by The Prodigy is the next song up. This is a unique song, and it is very upbeat helping to keep the audience moving. I have to say that M-E-E-S-H-Y has introduced me to many new songs that I was not aware of, and I enjoy them all.

M-E-E-S-H-Y starts to sing "Could You Be Loved" a great song by Bob Marley and the Wailers. I love this type of music, reminds me of my days living in the Caribbean. It puts the audience is a nice, relaxed atmosphere. He is exceptionally good at picking the right songs at the right moment for his audience.

-A-R-R-A- returns to do another duet, Freak on a Leash by Korn. This is another song perfectly done by them.

Only M-E-E-S-H-Y could sing this song in Second Life and make it his own! " Heels On" by Lady Saw. I have to say it is a unique song and I enjoyed it. Once again, he introduced me to a new song in my world.

Micky, an audience member mentioned to me that he did a backing track once for

M-E-E-S-H-Y of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix -A- Lot so I asked if it could be used to sing the song. It was an impressive performance and nice of one of his fans to produce that for him.

Every time I hear this next song I get confused because it is in German. However, I am hearing this song increasingly more, it is called "Du Hast" a song by Rammstein. Not many bands can sing in their native language but yet become so popular doing that.

The next upbeat song is "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest. I like to look at the audience when he sings songs like this. They are all continuing to have a wonderful time, in fact they all love this song! They are having a great time, a trait of a good entertainer.

A nice slowdown of the music is next, "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. M-E-E-S-H-Y does an excellent job with this song. You know when I hear him sing this, I would love to hear him sing an hour of The Police and of Sting. I think those artists would suit him very well.

A blast from the past is next! Who did not love Vanilla Ice and his hit "Ice Ice Baby"! Can you imagine that song came out over 30 years ago now and Vanilla Ice is still going strong with that song, still touring. He does a great job on this song, another one made for his type of singing!

The part of the show that no one likes, the last song of the show. :-( He ends his show with "Thunder" by Imagine Dragons who are from Las Vegas!

M-E-E-S-H-Y started his show on a high note and ends it that way also. He had an exhilarating performance even though he said he was fighting a cold. He sounded great and I am always amazed at the good connection he has with his audience. He is very energetic and lively and will throw songs into his performance you might not have heard before. Once he does you will love them. He is a great entertainer and will keep you entertained for the full hour and when the show is over you will be longing for more! Tell next time

M-E-E-S-H-Y !

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