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Mae Loved @ Elysium

Although the evening started out with a great deal of RL uncertainty, it ended in the most perfect of ways and for once in a long time, I was able to attend a full set at Elysium. I was super jazzed since tonight was a concert by Mae Loved. Mae has been in Secondlife for more than 10 years and is now starting to explore the music industry here. Mae hails from the Philippines where she has been recognized as one of the most versatile musicians in the country. She has been actively performing in different venues with vaious bands both locally and internationally. Not only is Mae a talented vocalist, but she is experienced with different instruments, music production and is a graduate in chorale conducting from the UP Madrigal Studios. She is affiliated with Spryta Recording Studios as well as WISH FM Bus.

Mae eased us into the evening with a beautiful rendition of 'Don't Know Why', followed by 'Love Me Tender'. Her angelic voice made each song a deeply moving experience. One of the aspects of Mae's concerts I love the most is that she often has guest singers. This spontaneous surprise makes each one of her concerts unique. True to style, Mae's next few songs were duets with the very talented Ruvilyn Gatchie. They started with a Toni Braxton song - How Could an Angel Break My Heart, followed by - Angel of Mine. These ladies have truly raised the bar for dual streaming. Not only was the emotion behind the songs palpable, but their technical execution was spot on perfect. Another duet for the evening was with DeLucci Vasco DLR Whitman; Mae and DeLucci delivered a lovely rendition of Endless Love.

Mae continued her concert with a couple more songs, but this time changing up the style with - All About That Bass and Mercy. She really bumped up the energy with - Turn the Beat Around. This really showcased her musical versatility quite well! Next, we heard another duet with Ruvilyn - Rain on Me. Mae followed with a Creedance Clearwater song - Rollin. She closed her concert with a medley which included - Joyful Joyful and What Have You Done For Me Lately. It was a happy surprise when Mae graciously accepted one more request - Tala, a Filipino hit! She shared gestures with all of us in the room so that we could participate, so it was definitely fun for all! ... and a great way to close her set.

No matter the genre or the language, Mae is truly "A musician for all generations..." ... a 'must hear' artist!

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