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Marqs DeSade @Elysium 2/6/21

After dealing with some fierce southern California traffic, there was no better way to unwind than to sit down and treat my ears to some of the magic that is Marqs DeSade. Marqs has a deep warmth in his voice that makes his renditions quite often more inviting than the original recordings.

Marqs' passion for music began at an early age. He started playing guitar when he was 11 and by age 14 he was already playing in a band. His musical influences include: The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Eagles, just to name a few. Marqs' passion for music does not end at singing and playing guitar, he is also a talented songwriter.

So, I settled into my regular chair at Elysium, as Marqs opened his set with "Here Comes the Sun". "Wow!" is probably the most accurate way to describe the feeling I got as I listened. I was immediately immersed! His set continued with a few more songs including "Brandy", "Mandy", and some of his original work. Throughout his set he did a wonderful job of welcoming everyone and sharing a bit of the history behind the music. I really love to see this blend of history and performance because it gives even more depth to what I'm experiencing as I listen.... and Marqs delivered this perfectly.

While listening I perused his song list and found my request for the evening: "Time in a Bottle". The song alone is moving, but to hear Marqs sing it, now that is an experience that reaches in and touches your soul! He followed with "Tennessee Whiskey", "Tequila Sunrise" and an original work " My Next Mistake".

Marqs closed his set with "Feels like Home". Without question, I was more moved by his rendition than other mainstream recordings.

Cheers to an outstanding set! Marqs is a 'must see/must hear' artist!

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