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Marqs DeSade @ The Janus Gallery

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I am here at The Janus Gallery today to blog the singer Marqs DeSade and the great artist Filthy Fluno (Jeffrey Lipsky in real life). This will be a lengthy blog because between the music of Marqs, the lovely Janus Gallery and the wonderful art of Filthy I need to give them all full coverage.

I came in early today to have a look around and I ran into Chuck Clip who is the owner and curator of The Janus Gallery along with his partner Jewell. He created the gallery as he said because

" I was an artist in SL from 2008-2015, I left SL for almost five years. When I came back almost all the 40 or so Galleries, I showed in were gone." So of course, that was enough to motivate him to open his own gallery. I have to say it is a lovely gallery it is in the style of a basilica; you really need to stop and see it. Art galleries are generally the space to show off works of art but in the current world they are also used to host poetry readings, different artistic activities, and many other things. So today we have the combination of the art of Filthy Fluno and the music of Marqs DeSade.

Marqs DeSade is known for his strong deep voice which of course his fans love! He has a wide range of original songs that he sings and continues to write new ones. I have not been to one of his concerts for some time so really looking forward to this.

Marqs comes out and right away is very friendly to his audience. When he speaks, he has a commanding presence that makes you want to pay attention and I suspect that will be the same when he sings. So Marqs begins to sing Train by Drops of Jupiter, great song. I forgot how much of a distinctive voice with a good tone he has. Not only is he a great singer he has great musicianship, he plays the guitar with confidence.

Next up is Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears. Wow he really makes this song his own by using his own voice and style. Covers are amazing because it allows you to take a familiar song and then brand it as your own! What a great version of this song.

So, between songs he is now explaining how you can buy the great art of Filthy Fluno right here in the gallery and in the real world. More on that later.

Hurt by Johnny Cash was next, wow this is great. Have never heard this song before. When a singer sings the song, I like to sometimes get the back history of it. Here is a direct quote from "The original artist, Trent Reznor, envisioned the song’s story as being a younger person spiraling into either self-harm or drug addiction. The Johnny Cash version provided a new light with an interpretation focused on an older man who knew his life was coming to an end."

Next, he has a request to sing one of his own songs. At the moment Marqs is talking about how he challenged himself to write a new song for 7 days. He said he got stumbled on the second day and the next day he pushed himself to create one and that is his next song, An Unwritten Song is the name.

Ok I always like to request at least one song when I am going to blog a singer, so I asked him to sing Norwegian Wood by the Beatles!! Makes me want to open my club up again :-( I am tempted!

Now onto Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, Marqs once again proving how he can make a cover song his own. She's Got a Way by Billy Joel is his next song. Of course, by now the audience is really into the show one of my favorite times of a performance

Marqs writes a lot of songs, so he once again is sharing another one with us, Listen to the Walls. That is a great song.

Now he sings one song right after the other almost bringing the night to a crescendo and that feeling that the audience is singing all the songs with him. A nice line up of songs...I'm on Fire, which he is tonight by Bruce Springsteen, It's Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel and Heaven by Bryan Adams. I sure was enjoying myself!

Photo compliments of Diablo Guardian

On to another song written by Marqs called To Hold You in My Arms and his last song of the evening You Are So Beautiful to Me by Joe Cocker who he dedicated to his audience.

All's I can say is Marqs's performance was amazing, such a stunning performance!

For all of you who enjoyed his musicianship he was playing a Lava Me 2 Carbon Fiber acoustic-electric guitar, what a great guitar!

I am sure as we were all listening to Marqs perform that you looked around and checked out the beautiful artwork of Filthy Fluno.

Filthy Fluno Art

Filthy Fluno aka Jeffrey Lipsy is an artist living in Orange, Massachusetts. He makes abstract narrative paintings and drawings about the places and people he experiences in both real and virtual worlds. His artwork is exhibited and collected by RL and SL galleries, museums, and individuals from around the world. He has been the focus of dozens of articles in print and on the web such as New York Times Magazine, Art Calendar Magazine, Artnet,, the Boston Globe,, The Brooklyn Rail, Art Magazine Germany, and many more. Lipsky's style has been compared to Picasso Kandinski, Basquiat, Matisse, and Dove.

When you purchase any of the artworks here at the gallery, you also have the option to get a real-life limited edition 9 x 12-inch print on paper with hand embellishments mailed to you. Shipping charges are included to the U.S and Canada. Please IM or email so you can send him your mailing address. (Please remember, you must "take" your artwork into your inventory after you purchase it.

I certainly did enjoy viewing his lovely art and by the looks of things he certainly did enjoy being with everyone as they admired his works of art.

What a great evening in a lovely gallery, with a great singer and some beautiful artwork!

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