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Mavenn @ The Grand Opening of Bluemoon Wedding & Event Planning 08/Jan/22

Upon checking live events this morn, I notice BlueMoon Weddings having a grand opening with the incredible Mavenn performing. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a chilly morn than having the vocal talents of Mavenn lending some warmth to the day.

I've personally known Mavenn for several years now and I can still remember the first time I heard her perform. Being new to the live music scene, I knew I had been missing out. Some may say there is some bias, but anyone that has heard this lady, will agree that this woman can sang. In the past, whenever I'd hear a new song, I would rush to tell Mave, of my new find because I knew w/out a doubt that she could do it well. I must say, she's never disappointed.

When I arrive, I'm cordially invited in by the Bluemoon staff. Couples in full swing as the notes of Mavenns' sultry voice fills the air. Though many be able to sing, its the emotion Mave portrays in her song that will have you hooked. She sings my all-time favorite song, Bob Dylans "Make You Feel My Love" and I have to fight back my own emotions.

Mavenn's setlist included.. Lucinda Williams - Essence

Lizz Wright - Hit The Ground

Ed Sheeran - Make It Rain

& Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful

I would suggest that e'ryone get out to the Grand Opening today, for Blue Moon Weddings & Events held nothing back. Having been performing weddings for over a year with custom builds and event planning, they are opening their doors to the public and will have performances by some of SL's favorite performers throughout the day. To celebrate, they have many of your favorite creators supporting the event by holding raffles... Truth Hair, Deadwool, Utopia, & Blacklace are just a few. Not only that, but Bluemoon is holding their own raffle with the Grand Prize being a Free Wedding worth 10,500L.

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