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Mavenn at TAO

So once again we are at the TAO, if you do not know about this festival let me tell you about it. They create Music Festivals on SL that always support Children's Charities. They have been highly successful in raising money for children, for the children are our future!

So, I have the pleasure of blogging Mavenn today. I have known her a long time as she used to sing for me at the Cavern.

If memory serves me correctly Mavenn was casually involved in music from the time she was a teenager either singing or playing a instrument. But when she came to Second life that was when she started to perform in a regular schedule, and she has not looked back since. We are so lucky to have her here.

Mavenn's favorite songs are the Blues, but she also sings Jazz, and Rock here in Second Life. No matter what type of song she sings she for sure sings them all with passion.

She starts out with her first song "Middle of the Road" by the Pretenders. I love this song and I am quick at recognizing the name but this one slipped my mind, getting older I guess lol Thanks for the heads up for the name Mavenn! This was a great song to get things moving and she was kicking it!

M-E-E-S-H-Y had just gotten off the stage before Mavenn sang and he was there with his wife -A-R-R-A- who is also a singer in Second Life. Mavenn was nice enough to sing the next song for them to honor their anniversary. The song was by Nora Jones, "Turn Me On".

One thing I have always loved about Mavenn is she has a great personality, and you get a glimpse of it when she talks between songs. She is a very genuine soul!

Now we move on to some slow blues, "Married to the Blues" which from what I have researched was originally sung by Shemekla Copeland. I am not familiar with this artist, but She is the daughter of the infamous Johnny Copeland. This song obviously fits Mavenn so well as the name of the song describes Mavenn so well, married to the blues!

Onto the next song "I Won't Let You Go" by James Morrison. A new song for me. If you have read my blogs, I am always interested in reading about the singers who perform these songs. James Morrison has a interesting background and what influenced his songs.

"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James, who does not love this song! Anyone can sing a cover song, but Mavenn takes that song and sings it as if it were written just for her!

I just love this next song! "I Want to Come Over" by Melissa Etheridge. Doesn't everyone in their life have that moment that you just need to go over to the person you used to love's house? I certainly have been there. Another great song sung by Mavenn.

One of Mavenn's most favorite artists undoubtedly is Beth Hart and this next song is "Caught Out in the Rain". Mavenn just sings this song with so much passion and you can really feel her emotion when she sings it.

What an excellent choice of songs Mavenn has today!

Mavenn does her part in helping to raise money for TAO by challenging people to donate to the cause. She asked for donations if you requested a song from her, so I took her up on singing a Janis Joplin song and donated 1,000 lindens. She sang "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis, and as she put it, she knew that I loved nostalgia and this song was a great fit! Thank you Mavenn!

What can I say about this song, "Cold" by Chris Stapleton. I swear that Chris Stapleton does his best, memorable performances at the CMA Awards and this is one of them! Mavenn was talking about this very fact and as usual an impressive performance of this song by Mavenn.

She closes out her show with "Like the Way I Do" by Melissa Etheridge.

Such an exceptional performance by Mavenn. She is so good at keeping her audience in the moment. She always sings with such passion. When a singer wants to be appreciated and to let the audience have a wonderful experience you must have a genuineness to it and that is what Mavenn does! Thank you Mavenn!

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