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Mavenn @ Juvvy's

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I'm here at Juvvy's situated on a group of tropical islands near the Blake Sea listening to the wonderful Mavenn, the world is at sunset, the lights on the open deck stage are twinkling and the pretty flakes of snow glimmer in the light creating a magical scene. The surrounding islands create a Mediterranean feel with the water reflecting the twinkling deck lights of the moored boats The palm trees swayed in the balmy summer sea air.

Juvvy' s is owned by Savvy(Savannah tomorrow) Today Savvy was unexpectedly away working, so Mavenn laughingly crashed the venue, put the lights on, pressed some buttons, confident that Savvy would love it, and we had Mavenn:)

Mavenn has a deliciously husky bluesy voice with a little catch in the back of the throat. I love that her words are so clear. Mavenn regales us with little anecdotes in between songs, which included 'Give me One Reason' and Don't Get Me Wrong'.

I made a request for 'Bad Woman Blues '. I love the way Mavenn sings this, It's so delectably wicked, like the smoothest creamy irresistible chocolate. It's my theme song for 2022.

Oh Yes!

Mavenn sang 'Hard to Handle' turning it around and making it her own, something she does so well...Included in her songs today was 'Only The Lonely by The Motels, an American Band and Beth Harts 'Baddest Blues' plus 'It hurts So Bad'.

Mavenn has loved singing her whole life, music is in her soul. her love for singing shows in every song she sings and in the way she connects with us, her audience It was a fortunate day for us when Mavenn found her way into Secondlife. Mavenn is Soul. A beautiful one.

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