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Mavenn @ Red Rocks 13/03/21

What do you do on a Friday evening, after the regular home office week of work when you just want to embrace the weekend with friends, nice drinks and relaxed music, but unfortunately can not?

Right, you scroll through the upcoming concerts in SL and every now and then something very special awaits you. The name Mavenn got stuck in my head and I thought yes, this is exactly what I was looking for!

My TP led me to Red Rocks, a popular venue that always gives the best musicians in SL their stage to shine. It has the looks and vibe of a genuine festival venue where you are tempted to look for nearest beer stand.

Mavenn is a Canadian blues, rock and soul singer. When you see the pretty and delicate looking Mavenn, you know you are in for a treat.. When you hear her voice for the first time, you immediately think of Janis Joplin and feel teleported back to Woodstock.

With songs like Soulshine by the Allman Brothers, We belong by Pat Benetar, Mark Broussard, Cry to me and Joan Jetts, Crimson and Clover, I'll Take Care Of You by Beth Heart and last but not least, the highlight for me, Essence by Lucinda Williams, she displays her excellent and special repertoire. Mavenn uses extremely good backing tracks and her music conveys bluesy, relaxed vibes in an after summer hippie style.

Mavenn has soo many awesome attributes - she embodies sensuality, being a sexy 'bad ass girl' and her voice is pure, natural and in-your-face. You can hear her strong character in her songs, she not only sings with full devotion and soul, with her extraordinary voice and in her own style. No, with each song she tells us her very own story. I was absolutely impressed by the show. It was wonderful! I really love her style, Mavenn is rock n roll! Attending one of her concerts is a very special experience. Highly Recommended!

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