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  • Carmen Cardone

Maximillion Kleene @ Solar Winds

So, as I had said in my previous blogs to follow me to this blog after his dual stream with John. I am here blogging Max. I don't think it is necessary to say his full name because if you are in Second Life you pretty much know who Max is in the music scene.

Max has been playing in sl now for 15 years, sort of unbelievable! I know he found out about sl in the Rolling Stone magazine so came and checked it out and has been here ever since and I am sure we are all glad about that.

I am again at Solar Winds as this is the second singer, I did there in the same night. Come check out Solar Winds before they change their winter theme. You will always find a friendly host or hostess here to greet you to set your night out on a high note!

Max always connects with his audience so well and is always throwing little tidbits out to them to make you think. So on with this show....

His first song is Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Funny when I heard that name, I thought of everyone who is in Second life, because it is Somewhere Only We Know and only we understand it. Ever try explaining it to your family lol Right! This is a great song and I really enjoyed it and the lyrics were so good it really made me think.

I always try to make sure I have the name of the songs and the artist when I do a blog. You know if you really want to feel like you are at a concert in sl I would recommend finding the song I talk about while reading the blog. It sort of helps to understand what I am talking about. In fact, I always play the song again as I am writing about it to get that feeling, I had when listening to it.

One Week is next by Barenaked Ladies, I love this song it is very upbeat, and they have what I called subdued rap in it that is very fast. Max handled that perfectly, did we expect any less from him?

I have always loved this next song by Seal, Kiss from a Rose. 3 songs in now and I am swaying back and forth in my chair, must be sensory overload! lol There is a part in this song that at the end Max commented on, the lyrics say: "A light hits the gloom on the gray". Max said he always wondered what that meant as a few years ago I did also. I had researched it and from what I understand the gray is an area on the sea, I think the English Channel, or better, North Sea, where the weather is often inclement and even when the sun does shine, it isn't a bright sun. So, there you have it in case you never knew!

Max continues with Count on Me by Bruno Mars. This is a nice lighthearted song which fits Max's type of singing so well. I always enjoy this song when Max sings it, for me he does it better than the original artist. Now onto Sweet Surrender by Sarah McLachlan. These two songs go well together.

A great upbeat song is next! Bang the Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren and Max is great singing this song! If you ever saw a video of Max at one of the Sl get togethers you will see him bang on the drum. He has this little unique drum he plays! When I was typing this blog during this song, I thought doing blogs is not work at all it is fun, especially when inspired by a great singer and guitarist like Max! You would have to listen to the song to relate to what I said.

Anyone else think that Max should also be a comedian in sl? Sometimes he just throws some comments out there that makes me laugh! Tonight, it was about BamBam from the Flintstones! Great personality Max has to go along with his singing!

Right now, Max is in the middle of singing one of his original songs, but I am sorry I don't know the name of it, but it was very nice!

Now he is closing out his concert and for that matter 2021 with All Around the World by Oasis. Great song to close the year with.

As always with Max such a great performance! One hour of him and a person forgets all their stresses in life by the end of the show. Music is good therapy!

So, I hope you enjoyed my blog on Max, this was his last show for 2021...Cheers Max! Onto 2022!

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