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Melenda Baptiste-Vyper @The Bodie Boardwalk 10/6/21

It was a Thursday night and my responsibilities for the day were done. I sat and thought for a moment and decided that it would be nice to have a change of pace and explore some different scenery.

I found myself teleporting my partner to a wonderful venue located right near the water: The Bodie Boardwalk at Templemore. I had found the perfect spot for the remainder of the evening, it combined my love for music with my love for the ocean! The Bodie Boardwalk is a relatively new venue; it is a collaboration between Cherrie Minx and Luis Lockjaw and has been in existence for almost a year.

Taj Nishi, Boss of the Bodie Stages and Caress Darwin-Night (caressofwildfire), hostess, were there to greet us as we arrived. I love to see this where multiple members of the venue staff are actively welcoming people, it makes the atmosphere so much more warm and inviting.

As my partner and I settled into a comfy couch, we found the 'icing on the cake' for what was already a great evening. We were about to hear an artist that was completely new for both of us, Melenda Baptiste-Vyper!

She opened her set with a special request "I'm Henry the Eighth I am". I was a bit surprised with this unusual opening; however, Melenda followed this with a more contemporary tune "We're Good". She continued with selections that included: "Cherry Wine", "No Rain", and "Creep". I was completely 'wowed' by her talent in transitioning seamlessly between musical styles.

My partner Ben found his request for the evening, "Angel". The selection was stellar for showcasing Melenda's voice as she delivered a truly lovely rendition. Her set continued with a few more songs including "Driver's License", "Coin Operated Boy", and "Cotton Eye Joe". Melenda closed her set with "Bang!" Her years of performing experience, bubbly personality, upbeat positive attitude as well as very personable stage presence make her a delight to listen to. Without question, she is a 'must see' artist!

Until next time, remember to treat yourself and 'toggle for music' :)

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