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Merkabah Oh @ Under the Stars

Seldom has the name of a venue fitted as well as the one I was a guest at on Sunday. “Under the Stars” is a wonderful live stage, which, surrounded by watercourses, light trees and under a starry sky, offers a perfectly romantic ambience. Everyone is welcome here outside of the program to beautiful music, to spend a romantic evening dancing with his / her loved one.

There are regular DJs and live musicians and every Sunday the concert by the Mallorcan singer Merkabah Oh is an integral part of the program. He has been a professional singer in RL for more than 10 years and for over 8 years he has been touring the SL stages, singing at festivals, bars and stages of all kinds, is invited to private celebrations as a highlight and lets us all participate in his great talent.

Merkabah manages like no other here in SL to bring two completely different styles of music to the stage. I've heard him many times and I'm always fascinated how he switches from one song to the next to gives the tough rock singer and then the soft pop, ballad singer who can also sing old Spanish classics. Whereby giving is the wrong word for this. He really lives it, every song he sings comes from very deep and is sung with absolute devotion. I see this as a great talent and I think it has another advantage. How often do you see in couples that he is more into rock music and that she prefers softer romantic tones. At a Merkabah concert EVERYONE is really satisfied and that is unique!

Merka, as his fans and friends lovingly call him, likes to receive requests and never gets tired of asking the guests for them over and over again. At all of his concerts he expressly points out that he sings 100% live and I guess he has a right to be proud of.

He attaches great importance to welcoming his guests in both English and Spanish and he repeats each of his announcements in both languages ​​to ensure that everyone feels addressed and welcomed.

His repertoire is incredibly large and includes Spanish and English songs. In Spain, but also in Latin America, there is a very large rock music scene that emerged from the Spanish Movida since the early 80s and has persisted until today. There are countless bands who follow this passion and what is special, they do this almost exclusively in Spanish and some of them even with great success worldwide.

The softer songs are typically Spanish emotional and painful pop songs and ballads, which always reveal the history of flamenco music but also tango and rumba in the background. They are sung, emotion-charged scenes of the everyday, mostly an unhappy love story is in focus, which with the southern direct ability to passion makes it noticeable for everyone in order to recognize oneself in it. This and of course the sweeping rhythms make them so unique and popular.

Even if his heart also

belongs to international rock music, his softer Spanish songs and rock songs also appeal to those who do not find this music so popular in Spain sung live anywhere else in SL. He is an absolute exception there.

The songs that evening were: Edgar Oceransky - Kilometros de cielo, Scorpions - Still loving you, Mecano - Hijo de la Luna, Mr. Big - Just take my heart, David Bisbal - Dígale, Whitesnake - Is this love, Alejandro Fernández - cuando digo tu nombre, Sin Bandera - Entra en mi vida ,Ricardo Montaner - Bésame ,Extreme - More than words, Marea - Como viento de poniente.

Merka's wonderful voice is as diverse as his songs - he can safely sing and hold both the high notes and the lower notes. He brings an incredible amount of energy and feeling into the songs and you can hear the professional through but also his love and his feeling for the music. Despite his ambition, he is easy-going, makes jokes and, most of all, can laugh at himself.

In the last song by Marea he gave everything again and whoever saw and heard him for the first time was left with an open mouth at the latest.

An absolute musical experience that nobody should miss!

**translated from German**

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