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Miss Cast @ Savage Blues 21/02/21

A long, long time ago I can still remember when I used to hear Miss Cast sing jazz and the blues. Oh my goodness, it must have been about 9 years ago that my oldest SL friend from noob days Lorelei and I put on our prim flexi skirts (remember them) and would go to jazz clubs to listen to Miss Cast so when I saw that she was playing at Savage Blues (a TFM supporter) today I just had to go along…and wouldn’t you know it my old friend Lore was there too. Miss Cast is a veteran performer with a sassy sense of humour and a voice as decadent and rich as that piece of chocolate mud cake that you just cant pass up and when this lady sings the blues you want no interruptions, no ims, no phone calls, kick the kids outside if you have to. You just want to be locked in an embrace with her voice and shut the rest of the world out for that one hour…not too much to ask…is it? I for one will certainly not be leaving it another 9 years before I get back to see Miss Cast.

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