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NeoMaximus Brandenburg @ Houghton Country Estates 05/03/21

They say that things are all the better when they are unexpected - and this was certainly one of those occasions!

Having no plans for the evening I browsed the SL Events list and the one which caught my eye was the Grand Opening of a new venue called

Houghton Country Estates featuring Neomaximus Brandenburg so I headed over there.

As I rezzed the first person I saw there was my friend Annie Panties and I knew this was going to be good.

In the event it was better than good ... Much better!!!

My favourite genre of all is rock and this was ROCK at its very best. I loved every minute as Neo blazed his way through a superb set of high octane classics including Sex On Fire, Bush and Crazy Bitch (I wont say who requested that one). This really was high energy top drawer stuff, and request after request came flying in from the appreciative crowd.

I requested Champagne Supernova - an Oasis number which I consider difficult - and Neo nailed it! absolutely awesome!

And then it was over - an hour gone in a flash - I could have stayed for two or three!

What a way to open a new venue. And a really nice venue it is! A place where folks from all over can have the hustle and bustle of a large city while keeping the down home southern hospitality and country feel we all have come to love!! DFS, .If tonight was anything to go by Max and Tarna have a bright future ahead with Houghton Country Estates

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