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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

It's a crisp wintry night and the stars are twinkling in the ebony night sky. The stretch limo pulls up and I step in wearing a posh frock, on my way to a very elegant French Chateau, part of The Juva venue. Arriving at the Chateau, I step out and walk up the long steps to the main entrance. Inside, I'm warmly greeted by Louisa Camino part-owner of Juva. along with

Juve and Hobbit

.Glancing around, I decided to sit in one of the many chairs arranged around the main hall. I call it a hall because this is no ordinary room, with its many marble carvings done in renaissance style. Above is a balcony where you can imagine French Royalty sitting at one time in the past. In front of me is a stage set in shadows with an old camper van and rundown buildings as a backdrop. On center stage is the artist I have come to listen to,

Nina Rose Setner (nina.brandenburg)

It's a rare privilege to hear Nina and one that I have been eagerly anticipating for several days. This is an early time for Nina and a late one for me, I love the complexity of World time zones.

How can I describe Nina's voice, I was blown away from the moment I heard her, this is my first time hearing her . . Her voice is smooth, vibrant, mellow, and passionate all rolled into one with an amazing range. Smooth jazzy perfection.

Nina launched into her set with a sultry number, 'Feeling Good' starting off sweet and low, slowly building power. This was followed by 'I Put a Spell on You, and Kirsty MacColl's 'In These Shoes' a funky, jazzy tune, I Love the lyrics to this. Then along came ' I'm saving all my love for you'

We were treated to such classics as 'Non, je ne regrette rien' ,' This is ME' , and ''The Prayer' ending her show with 'All That Jazz'. A feast of music delivered with passion and beauty.

Nina has a classically trained voice with impeccable control and pure clarity. She sings many genres as I realized later in the week. Halfway through writing, I had a sad family loss that took me away from writing for a while, so when I saw Nina had another show, I went to refresh my feel for her music. She sang Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation of the Requiem 'Pie Jesu'. Nina sang this with such spine-tingling purity, her voice soaring in the air, giving me chills. I was in music heaven as you will be when you go to Nina Setners shows

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