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  • Taila Saenz

Oblee @ Lutz City of Templemore

Oblee was one of the first musicians in SL who immediately inspired me because of his completely different way of making music. I saw him many months ago before I even started my blog and due to our different time zones I actually had to wait that long to finally catch him live on stage.

The American musician from Durango Colorado, stands out simply because of his idiosyncratic appearance in the form of a wooden puppet, the avatar he normally uses. On the day of his show in Templemore, however, he wore a speaker for a head, staying true to his penchant for outlandish avatars. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes these outfits himself either, since he's also known as a creator and builder in SL.

The stage on the day of his show was Lutz City of Templemore, a wonderful magical place, beautifully decorated for Valentin and I was lucky enough to get to know this stage thanks to Oblee.

Since 2007, Oblee, who was and still is a drummer in bands in RL, has been in SL and has been a solo performer ever since. His music is hard to pigeonhole, but what I can tell is Indi Rock and some of his songs remind me a lot of The Cure, which I like a lot as I love this band.

Oblee is a full-blooded musician, he sounds like a one-man band and mixes various musical instruments he plays live with the help of a looper, creating a unique sound. He works without ready tracks, everything happens directly and live in front of the audience, if that isn't unique and creative!!!

He mainly plays and sings his originals from his albums that the singer/songwriter has put out over the years.

His songs like Big Fish, The Storm and Dream, among others, he has on the track The Door by Aftergrass, the band whose drummer is a member, as well as covers of Where is my Mind - The Pixies and The Cure with Lovesong played for his audience that evening.

This well-known and much sought-after hand-made musician sounds very natural and the great recognition value of his voice and his own sound makes him something very special, one of the most creative minds I have ever met on the SL stages and I am delighted me very much if I can see him live again soon. My unconditional recommendation to everyone who is looking for something different, special and extraordinary in the SL music scene.

**translated from German**

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