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Paul Kindhartdman sings live at Spirit Woods!! 11/5/22

Hello! Hello! Hello my Friends!! And a happy November to you all! Where in the world did October go?? I can't believe it's November, and I am loving this Autumn season! (Well for most of us anyway it’s Autumn). Anyone tired of pumpkin yet? Pumpkin cake, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin candles, pumpkin coffee, on and on and on. And many of us are very fortunate to see the trees turn from green to beautiful red, orange and golden yellow. That cool crisp air makes us want to put on a sweater and cuddle up next to our honey to stay warm. Today is the day we turn our clocks back by an hour (daylight saving time) and what better way to spend more of this extra time than to visit a venue and listen to a singer. I checked music events and found Paul Kindhartdman. I’ve heard of Paul in my roaming of SL entertainment venues and wanted to take a listen earlier, but our schedules never seemed to coincide. Lucky for me, today they did, and I’m excited to fly on over to Spirit Woods owned by Mountain & Brandie String.

Spirit Woods is the perfect place for an autumn show with its outdoor structure made of blond wooden boards and woodsy décor. Highlighted pictures of wolves, wild horses, Indians, totem poles, fall-colored trees, and a blanket of fallen leaves, added to my mellow mood of autumn. Mountain says the name of his venue (Spirit Woods) is in respect to his native American Heritage because both his parents are full blooded Native Americans. Also, Mountain tells me his venue offers more to see than singers, such as Mountain’s Gallery, an Indian Village, a Friendship Garden for photos, a Wedding Venue and a Cherokee Sensations new store. Neo, my partner, and I did a tour and found the venue wonderful to explore.

Now with Paul Kindhartdman, my heart went pitter patter when I learned he sang country!! Yea Yea, I know – there's Trish again with her cowboy boots and that oversized cowboy hat dragging Neo to dance some boot scootin boogie. Well, you all are right! That’s what I did to poor Neo, and he loved every minute of it! Paul Kindhartdman sings a lot of country, but he also does tunes from different eras (50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc.) and does them well. He also sings pop and does a bad azz Elvis Presley too. Paul’s voice is steady and calm like a gentle breeze swaying through the trees and tells a story with each note he sings. Inviting everyone to view his extensive song list, and send in requests; Paul promises to please – and that he does for sure…

Some of the tunes he sang were:

When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back - Confederate Railroad, Cant You See - Waylon Jennings, The Reason Why - Vince Gill, If You Ever Have Forever In mind - Vince Gill, Jack Daniels - Eric Church, Rub It In - Billy Crash Craddock, Pretty woman - Roy Orbison, I Don’t Want to Talk About It - Rod Stewart, No Matter What, Still the Same - Bob Segar, Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis, Have You Seen the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry, Desperado - Eagles, Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw? - Jimmy Buffett.

Paul closed with the song Remember When by Alan Jackson. It’s a sweet song of a couple going through life creating good and bad memories. We all have those kinds of memories, and I hope most of yours are good ones. My heart felt a little pang remembering the birth of my first child. I cannot even express the elated joy I felt looking into his eyes for the first time, such sweetness, such innocence and heartwarming peace. Paul said to me, “If I can make someone smile and bring back fond memories, then I have done a good thing.” Yes, Paul, you did a good thing today because not only was I smiling, but from the banter in the crowd, I could tell the audience was quite happy. Thanks for the excellent entertainment!

Hugggggsss Trishia

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