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Paul Nowles @ Cafe Musique 15/02/21

Café Musique (another supporter of TFM) was the place to be today as that’s where Paul Nowles was playing. I couldn’t think of better way to spend an afternoon than dancing on the beach and listening to live music so that’s exactly what I did. Paul is another artist that I have been meaning to catch for a while but haven’t been able to quite line up the times until now and admittedly my motive for wanting to see him originally was that his profile pic looks a little like Keanu Reeves (extremely shallow of me I know). With a raven named Poe on his shoulder and a voice that is, how I can only describe as rock n roll rough Paul started out with Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” and I was sold. Paul’s voice, deep and raspy is very appealing and put a unique touch on the songs that he sang. Creed’s, Arms Wide Open, Eddie & The Cruisers Darkside, Bon Jovi (You Wanna) Make a Memory, Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll, Prince’s Purple Rain and David Essex’s Rock On were all outstanding but there was a clear winner for me. Michael Stanley’s Lover, feat Clarence Clemons on sax was just sublime. I was also impressed with the way that Paul took the time to give a bit of background info on the songs or the artist. SL the place for making memories.

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