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Paul Nowles @ Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge 24/4/2021

Yep, the bad ass rocker originally from Cleveland Ohio is who I am going to see today, Paul Nowles ! A native of the city where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is!

It is Saturday Night here in Ohio and I usually would get my fix of some rock n roll at my usual hang out. However, it is not open because they still cannot have "LIVE" shows inside because of the Covid situation. So, when you are missing some good ole rock n roll and you cannot go out , the next best thing is Second Life and Paul Nowles, a rocker originally from Ohio, the home of Rock n Roll!

I arrived at the Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge and was greeted by Swuran who was very friendly when I arrived. To my surprise even Paul welcomed me! The sign of a good entertainer, paying attention to his guests! The club is a nice, relaxed atmosphere on the beach and the attire for tonight was casual. I spoke for a minute to Panjana Bellisserian, one of the owners, and she informed me they will be celebrating their one-year anniversary in July. She owns the club along with Katharina Konrad.

I was enjoying listening to Paul sing and the surroundings of the club. He started to sing "Rock On" one of my favorites all time rock songs originally sung by David Essex, love that song! Paul has that great raspy, gritty voice you want to hear in a true rocker! If you have not heard Paul, you are missing a good rock singer, he is also a songwriter, musician, and performs originals as well as covers.

You can tell that the next song that Paul sang it meant a lot to him. He sang "Home Tonight" which is song by Michael Stanley, a great Ohio rocker who just recently died, he was rather famous in Ohio because he could connect to the lyrics he sang.

So as soon as Paul got done with "Home Tonight" on to another Michael Stanley song, "Lover"

When you are at a show in second life and the songs someone sings mean something to them, well it is very special for the people in the audience. I am glad I got to exeperience it.

You can tell that Paul was very impressed with "The Michael Stanley Band" as he had a good time talking about him. I found out that he is working on a special show with all Michael Stanley Band music so stay tuned for that.

His last song was a song called Scars., it was a catchy song with a great beat. And of course, just when you are really getting into the music the clock ticks down to zero and it is over.

Paul brings the crowd to life with his enthusiasm and personality! A show you do not want to miss!

I got my rock n roll fix for now until I need it again.

Stop by Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge'll enjoy it.!

Carmen.. "It's only rock n roll, but I like it"!

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