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Phil Setner -LIVE @ Dassani's

At long last, I have made it to Dassani's, a venue I know very well. I'm here to write about Phil Setner , again, at long last, having crashed on my first attempt, not because of This stunning venue, but computer problems which we don't want to know about now:).

Coming into Dassani's, I am warmly greeted by Janie, Dassani's hostess, and Avery Saxena, a long-time friend and also, one of the two owners of Gull's Wing, a group of 24 sailing sims , with beautiful residences and stores. The other owner is Toby Howton of Toby's, the well-known blues club

Phil Setner launched into his first song 'Wonderful Life' by Black. Phil is a musician who knows exactly what suits his voice .and this was perfect The words flowed from his lips and drifted through the sea air over the boats bobbing about in their moorings with the waves lapping their sides

Phil showed his versatility by following with Chris Rea's 'Road to Hell'. It's an iconic Tune, Phil nailed this one perfectly. This song was surely about the M6 motorway in the rush hour, in the UK. I once came off this motorway with my hands locked in a frozen grip on the steering wheel.

Phil's voice is so smooth and so mellow but at the same time with a little edge to it. He uses it like an instrument allowing you to absorb every note as he sings. He draws you in from the very first moment, with his easy manner, chatting to his guests and taking special requests. Included in Phil's set James Blunts's 'Postcards, Gerry Rafferty's ' Get it Right Next Time' and

many more.

Dassani's is a stunning Venue designed to be at one with Sailing and open water and

located on 24 beautiful sailing sims. It features land, home, and mooring rentals as well as a winery, nature preserve, underwater world, and much more for exploration!

The Venue was created a few years ago to replace the original one and renamed Dassani's after a much-loved friend and member of Gulls Wing staff and much more, who passed away after a battle with Cancer. Avery and Toby have done an amazing job with the new creation. And don't forget the well known 'Toby's ' Blues joint

Phil Setner . Sings for you, look for him :))

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