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PrettyBelle @ Frank's Elite Jazz

Having the chance to go to a beautiful venue such as SL's Frank's Elite Jazz and wear a gorgeous dress is something that most women love to do in both worlds. Moreover, when you can include hearing a live performer, it makes for the promise of a fantastic time! During this visit to Frank's Elite Jazz, I will have the opportunity to listen to PrettyBelle sing, which I am looking forward to with a lot of enthusiasm.

Frank's Elite Jazz is a member-only venue and part of the Frank's Entertainment Group founded by Nanci Sinatra fourteen years ago. William Zeta has owned Frank's Elite Jazz for the last two years. When there is a live performance event such as PrettyBelle appearing, the venue is open to non-members also. Frank's Elite Jazz is an elegantly appointed venue that provides a beautiful setting for an event such as the one I will be attending to hear PrettyBelle sing. Frank's Elite Jazz is also available for a special private event.

PrettyBelle started singing in real life "as soon as I could talk." She began singing in SecondLife with the Whispering Sands Management Co. in 2015 until 2016 when she left SL for the real world. From 2015 till 2016, she performed at many venues in SL that were here at that time. Once she returned to SL, she owned the venue Maui Nights in 2018. Her partner, NeoMaximus, an SL live performer in his own right, encouraged her to begin singing again, which she did about a month ago.

Wearing a champagne-colored sequin dress, I arrived at Frank's Elite Jazz and was greeted by deмυre nono'ѕ dolly ιnaĸa, the venues host for this show. PrettyBelle was already there wearing a beautiful red dress with a mic in hand, preparing for her performance.

As soon as I heard PrettyBelle sing the first note of her first song and one of my all-time favorites, Etta James ~ At Last, she had me hooked! I knew I was in store for a beautiful musical hour. There was thunderous applause at the end of this song which continued after each cover that she performed. PrettyBelle then said that she would sing Chris Stapleton's ~ Tennessee Whiskey, a favorite of hers. As many times as I have heard this song, Tennessee Whiskey, I still enjoy it, but this time, hearing PrettyBelle sing it with the powerful, clear, melodic tone in her voice was an incredible rendition to experience!

PrettyBelle continued her heavenly performance with several requests and dedications, including; Lewis Capaldi ~ Someone You Loved, Eva Cassidy ~ What A Wonderful World and Deanna Carter ~ Strawberry Wine. The following two requests were equally delivered with the extraordinary richness of her voice. They were Norah Jones's songs, Turn Me On and What Am I To You. PrettyBell's gorgeous voice had me floating on musical clouds as I listened to this gifted performer sing all of these. This beautiful voice of hers held me at the moment with every note and lyrical word she sang while simultaneously eager to hear the next song she would sing!

Then, keeping with the venue's ambiance and me floating on these musical clouds of her creation, she sang other romantic-love songs such as Great Big World ~ Say Something and Jasen Mraz ~ Won't Give Up. But, it was when I heard PrettyBelle's gorgeous voice wafting on the airwaves as she sang Christina Perri's ~ A Thousand Years that I had joyous musical chills traveling all over me and lifting me higher still! For me, this song's lyrics mean that you have waited your entire life for someone, and you have finally found them. Even though they are afraid to let their walls down, of being hurt that you let them know that you will be patient with them and would never do them any harm. It is truly a song of hope, patience, and love. I continued my lofty listening position when PrettyBelle ended her show with an extraordinary and gorgeous version of Adele's, Make You Feel My Love.

As I gently drifted back down to the ground, I found myself remembering and hearing PrettyBelle's fantastic voice. The rich tones and intense clarity of each lyrical note combined with her emotional delivery is a magical experience. So, if you wish to be floating on some glorious musical clouds as I did, a PrettyBelle live performance is the show you will want to attend!

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