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Quartz @ White Horse Tavern

On this chilly evening, I will be going to White Horse Tavern to hear a Quartz live performance. In my opinion, the venue's name suggests Country-Western so, I grab my favorite Country-Western hat as I head out the door. I like to get some information and history about both the Live Music performer and the venue before I write about them. I was highly rewarded with the answers I received about both!

White Horse Tavern is owned by Wallace Locke and Joyful Finesmith. Whispers Xeltentat is the manager-hostess of this club and Windows On The World which is also owned by Wally and Joy. Wally built this club in 2008 as a tribute to his real-life grandfather and his grandfather's club of the same name. The real-life White Horse Tavern was in Texas and listed in the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES as a "First Class roadhouse"! White Horse Tavern of SL fame has been located on the same SIM for the last 12 years. it seems to me that there is an interesting symmetry going on between White Horse Tavern of real life and the SecondLife Live Music venue of tonight's show.

Quartz has been singing for over thirty-five years in real life and has been with several bands. Luckily for all of us, he came into SL specifically to sing more than nine years ago. Quartz is one of the many talented singers/songwriters/musicians whose performance has left such a positive impression on me from the first time I heard him perform.

Once Quartz begins to sing and I hear his first deeply rich-toned notes surrounding me I am thoroughly enthralled! He started by singing She Talks To Angels ~ Black Crows showing his range very nicely indeed. Quickly followed by Going to California ~ Led Zepplin and Between You and Me ~ Marillion. When he sang the Zepplin cover he had "Quartzized" it in such a manner that it was slower but much more engaging than the original. It became evident to me that this is exactly what he does with every song he sings. He commands each song as his own without losing its integrity.

Quartz had me on his musical train and rocking me out by performing Burning Down The House ~ Talking Heads, Who Are You? ~ The Who, Lunatic Fringe ~ Red Rider Group, Dirty Laundry ~ Don Henley, and then Closer To Fine ~ Indigo Girls. Next, we were all treated to hearing one of Quartz's original songs named Misguided Hearts. His gift as a lyricist and songwriter was evident throughout the entirety of this insightful story of life and the questions we may all ask ourselves and of course about love.

When he performs any song its musical notes and lyrical message wraps around me ~ surrounds me wholly. While his dynamic delivery which is strong and hard-hitting yet never forced has every smooth note combined with the integrity that he sings permeate and reverberate within me! Quartz puts on display with every song he performs his musical soul with his emotionally charged and heartfelt interpretation of each song that he sings regardless of whether he is the composer or another. The depth of his character is evident with every deeply rich nuanced note that Quartz sings combined with the lyrical soulful true emotion of each word, every song is melodic magic to hear! This man bares his musical soul with each truly emotionally charged note that he sings! He is a must experience for any fan of music! A Quartz live performance is his soul!

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