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Updated: Apr 2

Well after a week of real-life running and running, finally I get a chance to settle down and enjoy some SL music. So, what’s on the SL event menu for this fine Sunday evening? Lucky me, I find RB Hamelin is singing at an American Cancer Society function, The Voices of Hope Event sponsored by team Relay Rockers.

The Greased Lightening Ballroom owned and operated by Renee Riva Ripster (renee.riva) and her partner DJ Ripster Riva (ripster435) (who also are members of team Relay Rockers) provided the perfect venue for this occasion. Renee tells me she’s had the venue for ten years, and one can tell she’s put a lot of thought and work into decorating. I love the golden walls, staircases, and lanterns; the rotation ceiling light adds a very special lighting ambiance. The red carpeted stage strikes elegance with the shiny marbled floors, and the nature paintings on the walls are beautiful. The guests were very friendly and seem to be enjoying their evening. I loved that furries were there enjoying the show as well.

What can I say about RB Hamelin? He is incredible and unbelievably talented!! I’ve listened to many singers/musicians/songwriters in SL, and he is sitting right on top with the cream of the crop! His voice is smooth, tender, mesmerizing, pitch-perfect, and a voice I could listen to for hours on end! Not only is his voice crazy good, but he also plays a fantastic guitar and writes magnificent songs.

Opening his set, RB sang “Brandi” by Looking Glass, followed with “Neon Moon” by Brooks and Dunn, “The Weight” by The Band, “Hell of a View” by Eric Church, and “Rumor” by Lee Brice. In between songs, RB would remind us to donate to the worthy cause he was singing to aid.

RB Hamelin continued his show with – “Every where But On” - Matt Stell, “You should probably leave” - Chris Stapleton, “Witchy Woman” – Eagles, “Gettin you home” - Chis Young, “Blue Jean Baby” – “Tiny Dancer“- Elton John, “Beautiful Crazy” - Luke Combs, “Cover Me Up” - Jason Isbell and “Happy Anywhere” - Blake Sheldon.

The final song of the evening was “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks and Dunn. Brooks and Dunn, two outstanding country artists, wrote this song while on tour traveling in their bus. Basically, it’s a song where Dunn reminisces about his upbringing living along a four-mile red dirt road with only two houses on it. Sneaking his first beer, wrecking his first car, finding a girlfriend, finding Jesus etc. We all have that “Red Dirt Road” in our lives, however, mine was a grey brick cobblestone road. RB’s soothing voice brought back some sweet childhood memories. Floating in my mind were some precious parts of my own red brick road: riding bikes, sled riding, playing tag, catching fireflies on a hot summer’s night, holding hands with my first boyfriend Joey and a lot more. Life was not always easy back then, but the neighborhood was filled with kids, and our activities and relationships created many beautiful long-lasting memories. I hope you all have your own “Red Dirt Road” filled with good memories that make you smile when life gets you down.

Thank you, RB Hamelin, for a glorious evening of entertainment, and thank you for that last song which took me for a lovely stroll down memory lane.


Below is RB’s BIO and a link to his YOUTUBE to enjoy a taste of his voice, guitar playing, and his songwriting ability.

Singer/Songwriter, RB was Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. After graduation, he moved to Nashville with a dream of making it in the County Music world. He spent nearly 30 years in the Nashville music scene writing with some of the best composers in the Nashville songwriters guild. Rb has a unique soothing county sound we all know and love. He is an accomplished musician with several CDs of original written a composed himself. He is back home in his beloved Georgia now. He is still playing and singing out and enjoys singing in Second Life.


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