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Remy Farman @ Kickin Nuthouse 14/6/21

After working away on a platform, I was in need of music so I downed tools and headed to Kickin , a Venue owned by a friend , Diadorine Lane with her partner , Peete Braveheart , two of the strongest , long time supporters of Live music in second life . The Venue is a summer beach setting and on the weather beaten stage is Remy Farman giving us his opening song , a great ZZ Top ' Rough Boy ' followed by 'Red Red Wine' one of my favourites . Then 'God only Knows by The Beach Boys' . I was loving the music , Remy has such an easy relaxed style and a voice with a hint of Welsh. Soft melodic with a little emotional catch now and again. You can feel The love he has for singing, and for the guests who he had easy banter with in local. I loved his 'Annies Song' by John Denver and 'The Fisherman's Blues' a song I hadn't heard before .He sang a mix of genres and closed his show with an all time classic . Ghost Riders in the sky . I loved it.

Remy has been singing in SL over ten years and stretches those welsh vocal chords to give an awesome show time and time again. He loves to sing a wide variety of genre, but his main passion is singing love songs. The music he likes to listen to covers all tastes, from punk to classical. If he likes what he hears, he sings it. Remy's shows always have some new songs in so you never get exactly the same show twice

Remy Farman , check him out next time you are looking for some beautiful music

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