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Happy March everyone, and for some of us, that means Spring is almost here with some beautiful weather in the making. My last blog was about a singer/musician who did many sweet romantic love songs. This evening I had the experience of a rock singer, and much like the weather of March, he came in like a lion. Rice Tyler was the opening act at a venue that is near and dear to my heart, namely Zack’s Roadhouse. Venue owners Bran O’Connell and Edmond O’Connell have created the perfect tropical paradise locality. Tiki torches, lounge chairs, a swimming pool with floats, a bar with never-ending flowing beer, a stone dance floor, waterfalls, and a lighted stage for singers to perform their best. The venue is not only for live singers or DJs but has a community of beach homes for rent at a reasonable price. Always a friendly greeting, a smile, and fun conversation await you from Bran, Ed, and the lively patrons.

Rice Tyler, what a powerhouse!! And for you rock fans out there, he is a must-see! Rice hails from Brazil and when he speaks, he does so with that sexy accent that all you single ladies will drool over. I love the way he says my name – (Treesh-ee-a) stressing on the Treeeesh lol. Rice has this amazing singing voice that goes from zero to 100 like a rocket shooting up to the moon, and his high notes are flawless. He started out with the song “Ice Ice Baby” but actually turned it into “Rice, Rice Baby” and then transformed it into the Queen tune – “I Want it All and I want It Now”. I so love Queen, and Freddie Murcury would have been proud to hear Rice singing this arrangement.

After Belting out more high energy Rock tunes, (“Animal” – Def Leppard, “Turn Up the Radio” – Autograph, “Runaway” – Bon Jovi), I thought I’m going to request a slow romantic song and see how Rice does. Happy to oblige me, Rice picked “Angels” by Robbie Williams. Then he continued with the romantic mood and followed with “More Than Words” by Extreme, “Forever” by Damage, and “When It’s Love” by VanHalen. I asked Rice if he knew “Thank You for Loving Me” by Bon Jovi, and he said, “Yes but it’s a challenge for me because I don’t sing it often.” Rice sang my favorite Bon Jovi song beautifully, and I was quite surprised that he sang it at all because many singers will decline to sing a song unless they know it well. Rice aims to please and tries to make us all happy!!

Winding up his set he sang, “Bad Romance” - Lady Gaga, and “Another Day” – Dream Theater. Then, much to my pleasant surprise, another well-known SL singing artist, John Rocky entered the stage to sing a couple of duos with Rice!! The connection these two have together is amazing and their musical coordination was impeccable!! Thanks, Rice for an outstanding evening of entertainment!!

Huggsss Trishia!!

Rice Tyler’s Bio and Website

“A rocker full of passion! Rice Tyler is relatively new to Second Life but is coming well-known and loved quickly. He plays a lot of different genres from 80’s, 90’s or even 2000’s, like pop, rock, heavy metal, and love metal with the best rock ballads. He lives in Brazil and loves to entertain you, so come on over to check him out, make requests from his extensive extensive songlist and just have a good time.

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