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  • Carmen Cardone

Ricky Live Music @ Sheworthy Pub 23/03/21

Scrolling through events for this evening and I came

across Ricky Live Music. He is a singer that has been

around second life for a long time. I have not seen

him for a while so decided to go.

Ricky is performing tonight at the Sheworthy Pub where

he sings every two weeks. First thing you notice is how

friendly everyone is when you arrive at the pub. I love

the great cozy overall atmosphere there. Hitomi and

Annie are so very friendly and make you feel

welcomed right away.

People often ask what songs does this singer sing

when you go to a show. In the case of Ricky Live Music

you have to say what songs doesn’t he sing because he

sings them all and is wonderful at everyone.

That is why I decided to go to his show tonight I know

he is a great entertainer.

Ricky is sounding great; you never know what song he will sing next.

He went from a slow Latin song right into rock’n’roll without skipping a beat.

He has some Elvis vibes going on and sounds like several Latin

singers I have heard in the past.

Ricky has an exceptional range when he sings, he must because of the how

many different songs he performs.

Sometimes you go to a show and cannot wait for the next song but with Ricky you hang on to

every note in every song he sings. He is very entertaining, and I love his voice!

It is hard to top a Ricky Live Music show, it was a fun filled packed hour that went to fast

with a great variety of music.

His well-trained voice shines through.

So, stop over to the Sheworthy Pub sometime, they are the fastest growing pub in sl,

consistently one of the top 5 clubs. They do not limit their club to one style of

music they give everyone a little of everything. They have great crowds of

people and I recognized many people I knew. Many singers and

club owners frequent the pub.

Thanks, Ricky, for being so warm and nice to me. Next time you see Ricky make sure you join his group!

Do not forget to tip the singers and clubs when you attend second life events!

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