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Rockerfeller Awards Ceremony

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Rockefeller Awards Ceremony

The invitation dropped through the letterbox with a gentle thump to the floor, picking it up and glancing at it, I knew this was something I So wanted to write about. This was an awards ceremony hosted by Nathally Sporg owner of Rockefeller Venue, a close friend and beautiful Soul.

This was no ordinary awards ceremony, not a competition, Nathally was making Awards from her heart to all the people who shared her life , the performers who sang at Rockefeller, the designers, the creator, hosts, manager and photographers, and more.

Slipping into a beautiful formal gown and taking the Limo to Rockefeller’s theatre . where I was greeted by Ed Valerik and guided through winding marble staircases by Faith, to a seat in the VIP area. Sliding into my seat with a glass of champagne I peered over the balcony where there was a buzz of excitement from the guests below , friends excitedly greeting one another.

The lights dimmed, the red velvet stage curtains pulled back to reveal the Dance Group ‘Rebel Yell’ in black satin and net costumes stepping out to a perfectly choreographed dance, ‘All That Jazz’ from the Broadway musical. As the dance ended and the dancers slipped behind the stage screens, Ed Valerik took to the stage to introduce Nathally Sporg. Nathally stepped on stage looking stunning in a pale pink satin and lace gown by ‘Sofia’ a renowned designer and creator of exquisite formal gowns

.Nathally gave a speech saying her heartfelt thanks to everybody

and began to bring her friends up to the stage to receive their awards.

Tadeu Gartner Candido Ferraris

Sabina Ara Khandr

GuiltyAngel Rhapsody Essence

Cyboracle Djembe Dragonfire

Max Kleene Khiron Ametza

Mrs Khewel Martin Aubray Beaumont

Mavenn Hedy Patrucci

Talissah Xenga Razorz

Phil Setner Nina Brandenburg

Miaa Rebane Skip Tahell

Samm Quendr Sonia

Roman Godde

This was a wonderful heart-warming event all about LOVE

Nathally is a truly generous, kind, and caring lady. The Awards Ceremony was a magnificent way to say thank you.



Following the presentations and taking time for pictures, the Award Ceremony hosted a LIVE show with Brenna Soprano. I hadn’t heard Brenna and I’m always keen to hear singers new to me

Brenna blew me away, she did something I had never heard before. She sang several songs in succession, seamlessly blending one into the other without saying the song titles and changing with each song from

‘Simply the Best’

‘My Heart Will Go On’

‘Black Velvet’

‘Take my Breath Away’

All different and all sung to perfection. Brenna’s voice is stunningly note-perfect and totally beautiful. There was, of course, more songs from Brenna but sadly I had to leave and say my farewells but I will be at Brenna’s next show.

This was a wonderful heart-warming event all about LOVE

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