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Roxana Pevensey @ Franks Elite Jazz

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I arrive at Franks Elite Jazz just as Roxana takes the stage. Of which I may add, is set in a very gorgeous and romantic setting.

I stick to the sidelines as the room fills with many couples dressed in their finest. Prepared to feel a tad awkward for having not brought a friend in tow, but Frank's hostess was quick to invite me in putting myself at ease.

Roxana begins with greeting e'ryone in the room with a seductive Italian prose. Roxana took me by surprise when she began to sing Alicia Keys' - I Keep On Fallin. She is not shy of the mic. She sings in a fluent and strong English yet when she addresses the room her native tongue is evident., which adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Her set list included..

Otis Reddings' - Sitting On the Dock of the Bay

Ella Fitzgeralds' - Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Ben E Kings' - Stand By Me

Olivia Newton Johns' - Hopelessly Devoted To You

Alannah Myles' - Black Velvet

The Ronettes' - Be My Baby

Paul Ankas' - Diana

An Italian number I've no clue but it sounded just lovely.

Ending her set with John Paul Youngs' - Love Is In The Air

I would suggest anyone looking to take their significant other out on a date to take in an hour of the lovely Ms. Pevensey at the renowned Franks Elite Jazz.. but dun blame me if she grabs some of the attention :)

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