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Russell Eponym @ Music Park 1/5/2021

It's a Saturday night and I'm in need of music, having had one of 'Those ' weeks, I happened across Russell Eponym . I knew of him and had been to a few of his shows a while ago. He was performing in Music Park owned by DrJohn and I was warmly greeted by Legolas Ceawlin . and Skyspinner Soulstar , Russell's management team. Russell is a Brit living in Wales, his style is gentle , folksy and easy on the mind, perfect music to relax with and clear the head.. He has a smooth melodic voice using a variety of guitars and a Banjo . I settled back and got lost in the music as Russell sang such classic's as Cliff Richards 'Travelling Light' , and songs from Donovan , and a hauntingly beautiful 'Original' tune called 'Summer' . then a song called 'Blues Run The Game' by Jackson C Frank . My curiosity was piqued as I had never heard this tune or the artist. Digging deep in Google , I learned that The story of Jackson C Frank is a sad one , a rare talent lost to the music world. Thank you to Russell to introducing me to his music.

Russell has a charming and engaging manner , pulling his guests into his music , chatting and taking requests. You can find Russell singing in several venues around the grid .

Russell Eponym was voted

"Favourite Poet/Spoken Word Artist" 2013

"Favourite Male Musician 2011"

"Favourite Folk Artist in Second Life" 2009

Russell Eponym , 'The Music Whisperer'

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