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Satin & Erin @ Sapphire Beach Club 18- Feb - 22

As a fellow live music lover/supporter, I have quite a blessed position, I'm nestled right smack in the middle of Second Lifes' live music scene. I currently host at Sapphire Beach Club, one of SL's biggest live music venues, granting me the opportunity to catch some of the greatest live music performers on the grid.

The live music community has grown over the years, a big family, if you will, that gather for one reason, a shared love of music. And at the hub of this community, you will find two long-standing performers that want nothing more than to share their love of music with you.

The line-up tonight at SBC includes Satin Galli and his RL partner Erin Frog. This duo has been leaving their footprints all over the live music scene, having performed live for the past 13 years and continuing strong, bringing fun & great music to their fans. Accompanying them on stage tonight, are two of the famous Whiskey Girls, dancers/hostess' that add just the right amount of sugar and spice, warmly welcoming in the patrons that enter and adding some sass to the local chat.

Satin & Erin's crowd is usually filled with fans that became long-time friends always ensuring a good time. Tonight, is no different, the banter from the duo on stage and funny stories they share with the crowd gives the feeling that these two could easily be a neighbor/friend in RL.

Mostly known for their love of country music, Satin and Erin can often be heard singing songs from the 60's-70's -80's and the current chart toppers. If, by some possibility that you may not have caught these two in action, and you're looking for a fun filled hour of your favorite tunes performed live then I'd highly suggest you grab your SO or a few friends and catch a show soon. I assure you that they won't disappoint.

Tonight's' set list included:

All I Ever Need Is You - Sonny & Cher

Who says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles

Nobody - Sylvia

You Make Me Feel Brand New - Stylistics

How Do You Talk to An Angel - The Heights

Johnny Be Good - Chuck Berry

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