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Savannah Coronet @ Crabby's

Today I was writing about Savannah Coronet, an artist I was eagerly looking forward to hearing. I arrived early, having missed Savannah's show at The Rose Theater due to the hour time change here in Europe.

Savannah's show today was at Crabby's, a venue on the beach with many cozy places to sit, Fun Retro Cars, blankets, beach loungers to chill and watch the sunset and the lapping water

People were arriving early to be sure of a place. I found a seat and settled down thinking ahead to the show, with anticipation. As the dance floor started to fill up, I put down my coffee, stood up, and hopped onto a dance pad next to Beer, no not the drink, but a cheeky old friend who had engaged me in some risque banter earlier.

I was warmly greeted by Drems the Co-owner of Crabby's and Dia, another old friend and amazing supporter of LIVE music. The mood was being set with friendly banter as we waited, with some excitement, for Savannah to arrive. I asked Drems why the Venue was called Crabby's. She told me she was from Maryland, home of the Maryland Blue Crab. Best crabs ever. Rocker and Dremmy thought it would be a great name and different. Sounds good to me, puts Maryland on my wish list of places to visit and food to eat.

Savannah's manager, Adam Spark, came in, and then, excitement rose as Savannah arrived. Savannah steps onto the stage and you feel the anticipation ripple through the audience as she makes her greetings and sings her first song 'Shakin' by Eddie Money, setting the tempo for the show ahead.

Savannah is a Texas-born girl raised in the beautiful foothills of South Carolina. She covers many genres but her heart and soul is in country music. She grew up listening to sweet country and southern rock music and at the age of 13 was singing in a small town Opry House.

From 'Shakin' We went to 'Tush' by ZZTop, the room was alive to the sound of Savannah's voice. And what a voice!! Strong, clear, note-perfect, and passionate. Savannah belted out the tunes, such classics as 'Tennessee Whiskey' which had the audience singing along with.

This lady is a Master musician, her voice is her instrument over which she has perfect control. Being so involved in second life music as I am, I appreciate the hard work and dedication that an artist puts in. Savannah is pure joy. I was right there as she sang, listening to every word and every note, feeling the poignancy and passion as she sang Jennifer Nettles 'Unlove You'. This is surely a song many people can connect with.

We were treated to so many amazing tunes 'Dirty Girl', 'Born This Way', 'I'm The Only One', 'Nothing Else Matters ', 'Time After Time', Silver Springs', 'Highway Song' and 'I'd Rather be Blind'. Suddenly, so it seemed to me, we were at the end of an incredible hour of beautiful music from a wonderful performer, Savannah Coronet, and I had to come back down to earth from music heaven. Thank you, Savannah.

Aqua Willowind

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