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Savannah Rain Live @ Bugatti's On The Dock

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Tuesday, October 27th

I woke to the sound of my Basset Hounds, Napoleon and Dixie, scratching at the bedroom door, wanting to get out. Groaning in protest, I pull the overstuffed comforter over my head, rolling over to bury my head in the pillow. Then, without thinking, I make the mistake of saying out loud, "Five more minutes, guys." Which, of course, brought both of my furry friends to the bedside. Fortunately for me, both dogs are too short and too fat to jump on the bed. Napoleon starts barking to let me know that he knows I am awake. While Dixie, in her excitement, spins in circles on the floor. Throwing the blankets off, I sit up, speaking loudly, "okay, okay, I'm up!"

Planning to stay around the house, I dress in a pair of torn-up blue jeans, a t-shirt, and my favorite white sneakers. Then, opening the bedroom door, Napoleon and Dixie race out of the room and down the stairs, nearly tripping me in their rush to get out. I could hear them bounding across the wooden living room floor towards the back patio door as I made my way down to the kitchen. I opened the door and watched as the dogs raced happily across the patio and disappeared into the backyard. After my third cup of coffee, I set out to do a few house chores.

Around lunchtime, I started thinking that it would probably be a good idea to look into getting a blog done today. My co-blogger, Kissi, and I have attempted to catch up with Savannah Rain for the last few days. With the previous two shows canceled, I checked the events calendar from the pc in my home office. The last show listed is at 2 pm today. So, I sent a message to Kissi to see if she could make it. We agreed to meet at the venue about fifteen minutes before showtime. Time to get dressed!

The limo dropped me at the Bugatti's Dock & Ballroom entrance in the Region of Wish. I found myself standing on an elegant, brick terrace with fragrant; white rose petals forming a double heart on the ground around my feet. Fall trees, stone seating benches, and black, wrought iron lamp posts with large, ornamental, hanging baskets of red flowers line the white stone railing. Behind me, there there is a seating area furnished with oversized, overstuffed, and probably a little bit naughty loveseats and chairs. Those would look great at my house. I will be shopping later. Directly in front of me is the staircase leading to the dock.

Descending the staircase, I step onto the weathered, slightly fog-covered dock, which also serves as a dance floor. The stage, located at the end of the pier, was decorated for Halloween with skeletons, Jack-O-Lanterns, spider webs, and baskets of apples. Overhead were strung yellow light bulbs with orange and black paper lanterns to lite the area. The smell of seawater and the sound of the water jets were soothing.

I first spoke with Bugotti's owner, A V A T A R, to explain why I was there and discuss some other TFM business. I was greeted a couple of minutes later by co-owner, the beautiful, Luscious Giano. A V A T A R and Luscious are so warm, personable, and friendly. Leaving me feeling very welcome and at home in their space. With all the business sorted out, I sent the limo for Kissi, my sister Elle and another friend to join me for the show.

Blonde, petite, country music entertainer, Savannah Rain went on stage promptly at 2 pm SLT, wearing a well-fitting, brown knit sweater and matching skirt. Born and raised in the Southern United States, she talked to the audience with the cutest but sexy southern drawl. She said, "I just wanna sing, Y'all." as she spoke about how glad she was to be back after being sick all week.

The first tune was Johnny Cash's - "Folsom Prison." Followed by Maddie & Tae - "Woman You Got"; and two songs by Shania Twain -"Whose Bed Have Your Boot Been Under" and "Still The One"; After the third song, Savannah took the time to address and thank the entire thirty-eight fans present!

The set continued with Blake Shelton's "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking." Then, Ronnie Milsap's "Let's Take The Long Way Around The World." Next, Tyler Childers' "I'm All Your'n and You're All Mine." Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart"; Tanya Tucker's "Love Me Like You Used To"; Ashton Shepherd's "Look It Up"; Little Big Town's " Little White Church' and Morgan Wallen's "Little Rain." To celebrate guest Jenny Anatine's birthday, Savannah sang a song by Black Stone Cherry, " Blame It On The Boom Boom." Don't let Savannah's sweet little voice fool you, she really belted that song out!

Afterward, I had the opportunity to tell Savannah that I thought about the showl; we discussed her opinion of the performance and if she was happy with it. She replied, "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I definitely am not at 100% vocally, and to be honest, I am never completely satisfied, hahaha". I always try to ask about the performers favorite musical quote, Savannah's response: "Where words fail, music speaks." -Hans Christian Anderson

Savannah gave an impressive performance, and the venue was exquisite. Thank you to Savannah and her crew, and to the Bugatti owners and staff for sharing with us!

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