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Scott Fitzgerald @ Art Korner Art by Matt Thomson

I am getting used to blogging singers with art galleries! This is another one of those blogs where I can blog about a singer and a artist, the singer is Scott Fitzgerald, and the artist is Matt Thomson.

Today I am at The Art Korner which is a nice spacious gallery which makes it so much easier to look around the room and view the art of Matt Thomson, I love that.

Frank Atisso is the owner of the gallery, and I was surprised to find out the Art Korner originally started as a blog in March of this year and then into a gallery in June.

I assumed that at one time Frank must have been a artist so I asked him that question. His reply was that he wouldn't call himself a artist, he likes to call himself a photographer. However, he has exhibited his photography in a gallery and sold them, so I suspect there is a thin line between a artist and a photographer.

So, Scott Fitzgerald is on stage and ready to sing. I see that he is wearing a n acoustic guitar so I am assuming there will be many songs I am familiar with.

Scott has been singing in real life for over 45 years, so you know he has a lot of experience behind him. Scott had a extensive repertoire spanning rock, pop, country, and folk from the 1960s-90s.

He starts out with a nice mellow song called It Never Rains in Southern California by Albert Hammond. I am not familiar with this writer of this song which surprises me because of the popularity of the song. Turns out he is a British - Gibraltarian singer singing about southern California! Love the acoustic sound of the guitar! It is a nice relaxing laid-back feeling.

Onto a Chicago tune 25 or 6 to 4, you can't go wrong with a Chicago tune! Sounding great Scott! I wonder how many of you know that Chicago started with a group called "The Missing Links" (1964-1967) and after a revision of that group it became The Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago as we know it! One of the founding members of the Missing Links is right here in SL his name is Chicagosax.

Maggie May by Rod Stewart is next and then onto Wild World by Cat Stevens and Moon Dance by Van Morrison. These songs are great at showing off Scott's talent on the acoustic guitar as he sings along. I am sure these songs bring back many memories of days long past. Love the lyrics in all these songs.

This is interesting he is now singing a song in another language I am thinking it might be French. It is a nice change of pace which I was not expecting. I am sorry that I did not catch the name of this song.

Seven days by Sting is up next. I thought I knew all of Sting's songs, but I am not familiar with this one. I especially like the guitar playing in this song.

One of my favorite songs is the next one Sailing by Christopher Cross because if you are a sailor, you get that nice relaxing feel when listening to this song. It sort of gives you a mind break that we can all use.

Now onto a couple more songs one of which Scott wrote himself. Always nice to hear those and the creativity that so many singers have.

Now in the typical Jerry Garcia fashion Waiting for a Miracle and then one of my absolute favorites Blackbird by the Beatles! I bet you didn't know I lived a short time in Liverpool, UK the home of the Beatles.

Scott's last song is Saturday in the Park by Chicago.

Thank you, Scott, for this great performance of singing and my favorite, the acoustic guitar! It was great!

Now onto the art of Matt Thomson! Let me tell you that Matt's bio is almost entertaining as his art! I think he could also be a comedian in sl lol!

Just look at the beautiful vibrant colors! This is some beautiful abstract art which is one of my favorites along with contemporary. I believe that this is the first time that the personality of an artist comes through in his art.

From what I understand Matt is also a great artist in real life. His bio says he was born at a young age, so I asked him about that. He said that he was so young he can't remember the socks he was wearing. He went on to say that his art was an accident, it’s a fluke. He said he would start to paint a Picasso and he ended up with a Buster Keaton. You can only see the personality I was dealing with, and I have to say it was very refreshing.

You really should stop by to see his art at the Art Korner, it is here until December 9th. I am going to make one of these pieces of art mine!

Thank you for making me smile Matt, you are unique!

I had a great time, thank you Frank for your hospitality!

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