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SEVEN SL Musicians Perform in new Relay For Life Song Video

This video is a very special labor of love for your V-logger Dana. The Relay For Life Song was composed in 2010 by Jon Christopher Davis and was the winner of a national American Cancer Society competition. I discovered it in February 2022, and could not find a single quality music video made from it!

The Song deserves better, and I decided SL was the place to create a new video using all SL musicians and all SL images. Amazing composer/musician Trowzer Boa agreed to create a new background music track. SL vocalists Brenna, Caden J. Endriago, ChelseaMarie Noel,

Dreama Summerwind, MarqsDeSade, and Roxy Chronotis each took Trow's track and recorded their own interpretation.

I took those 7 tracks and edited them together. This isn't a tight studio version; it has more of the feeling of a bunch of friends getting together for a singalong.

YOU can sing along too! Besides the one shown here, you can visit and see versions with the lyrics on screen in English and Spanish.

I hope the song inspires you as much as it does me! Enjoy!

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