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Shantu Selene @ Rossini's Oasis

When I'm writing, it's not easy to think of imaginative ways to start, Do you start with the venue, the artist? I'm going to start with the moment Shantu was mentioned to me, I was at a venue listening to a friend singing when the co-owner started chatting to me, about music and all its workings, He mentioned a new singer who was coming up next, as this was nearly 4 pm and my midnight, I couldn't stay. When Midnight chimes, this cinderella vanishes into the night with both shoes:). I seriously WILT !!. BUT, I made a mental note to check him out the next day, and this I did. I found his web page and listened and listened and listened to his songs on his website. This singer is Great! His name is Shantu Selene. I told Michael I would like to write about him.

The following Monday I entered the Venue where Shantu was singing that day at Rossini's Oasis owned by Katie and Shrike Rossini, two warm, considerate, and professional owners. After exchanging friendly greetings, I found dance and settled into the beautiful surroundings of Rossini's ready to listen to Shantu with my Toggle for Music colleague Sunshine Palmyra, a TFM Writer.

Fifty minutes into the show, I crashed and had to reboot and lost all the unsaved notes, but all was not lost as I had been enjoying listening to Shantu so much that most of his songs were fresh in my mind. They may be out of synch, but here goes

Shantu has many, many originals and, yes, I listened to them ALL !. He puts so much feeling and soul into his music and you can tell that he has lived all those songs. One of these was Champagne Eyes. Some songs have a way of touching a familiar chord inside of you, This did for me. Shantu's songs and lyrics have a way of reaching down and touching your soul.

In Shantu's set, he chose Dan Hills 'Sometimes When We Touch'. You know that moment when you hear a song and it goes through your head over and over again? This was it for me. Dan Hill described it as 'The most powerful love song ever' It has such sadness and depth.

It's a true story of Dan's own unrequited love. We've all had one of those.

Included in Shantu's show was Mark Cohn's Fallen Angels ' which has a great funky earthy beat. Definitely going to be one of my favorites. It is also featured on the soundtrack of the Movie ' Message in a Bottle'

Shantu will take you on a musical journey, he will rouse you and set you rocking with Elvis, then touch you softly with a tender love song, leaving you sighing, wishing for more. He will draw you in with his fabulous voice and warm personality.

Shantu ended his set with a couple of Elvis tunes including ' All Shook Up having us all Rockin. He does GREAT Elvis!

Chris Stapleton's ' Joy of My Life ~ and Van Morison's ' Crazy Love'. were also included in Shantu's show.

Shantu is a musician in real life, having played with bands like Windjam as a lead guitarist

Through college and military service, his guitar was his best friend and confidant, always by his side. He finally accepted that music was much more than a casual affair for him. It was in his soul, and his guitar was the conduit of its expression.

Rossin's Oasis is a beautiful Venue with rock Waterfalls and palm trees, set on a sandy beach, with waves lapping at the water's edge. Scattered around are games tables and tucked-away sitting areas for guests to enjoy. or sit at one of the elegant dining tables situated on the balcony around the main dance floor. On the water's edge is an attractive stage in weathered decking.

Music has touched my life in an immeasurable way. I hope it touches you too~ Shantu

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