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Shayne Aridian @ Frank's Elite

So tonight, I am returning to Frank's Elite, a venue that I have many fond memories of. I was the lead in Johnathan Hiess's The Hiess Experience tribute band there for many years. Even though Frank's Elite has changed owners in the last few years I am happy to know that the Frank's Elite C.U.T.S. tribute bands have continued every Friday. William Zeta is the new owner of Elite.

When I arrived Persia Silverblade who is the manager greeted me! She is a wonderful woman that I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years here in second life mainly from my time spent is some of the Franks's establishments. if you have not been to Frank's Elite you need to stop by. The club is unique and decorated very nicely. You will always find a friendly face there to greet you.

So, I am here to listen to Shayne Aridian who I have never heard before. I ran into him in sl and read his profile that he was a singer, so I asked him a few questions and told him I wanted to write a blog on him. Shayne has been raised on music for his whole life and he started to sing at a very young age. His repertoire goes from Sinatra and The Crooners to the jazz greats from the 40's through the 70's. This type of music means so much to me. Little did I know that his performance would become something very sentimental and emotional to me. Music has always been very important in my life. Many times, hanging backstage with my mother before she performed and, I had the influence of my father who was a clarinet, and sax player.

Shayne started out with a Roy Orbison tune called I Got a Woman. It was rather upbeat; I was thinking his first song might have been Sinatra, but he changed it up on me! lol I was anxious to see if he would surprise me when the second song came along.

She's Out of My Life by Michael Jackson was next; another one I was not expecting. During the performance of this song, I felt that Shayne might be reflecting on his life or wanting to put us in that mood to reflect on our own. Who has not had someone leave and be out of their life like the song tells us? I must admit it was a little emotional for me.

So, it is now November so a very appropriate song that was next was The Autumn Leaves originally sang by Johnny Mercer. This was another song of reflection, for me anyways. I truly believe that most singers plan what they are going to sing in their shows. The last two songs were softer songs that generally leads you to a feeling of tenderness, reflection, and some sadness. Shayne can put you in that mood with the way he sings these songs and the inflection in his voice.

He is really going to take us back now to the era of the crooner with the next song Summerwind. I asked him to sing this song, this suited his voice so well. If you don't know this song, take the time to listen to it done by Sinatra.

In a way I was sort of expecting him to sing a Neil Diamond song and that is what was up next. There is one song that really blows me away that Neil sings and that is The Story of My Life. This is such a wonderful thoughtful song. I knew the first time I heard it just by listening to the first couple bars and lyrics it would forever be a favorite of mine. It is about a love story; an affair and it starts out like this:

The story of my life is very plain to read

It starts the day you came

And ends the day you leave

The story of my life begins and ends with you

Ok by now this song just got so emotional for me I was crying again. But that is ok, that is what music is supposed to do. It is about singing songs that tug on your heart and your memories of someone or some place that touched you some time in your life. Shayne knows what he is doing when he picks songs like this. He helped me to bring back my memories of places and people that I have cherished in my life.

The next song up is Broken Vow which has been sung by many singers but written by Lara Fabian. A song about betrayal and forgiveness but I know many women can relate to this song. The gentleness of Shayne's singing hit a tender spot in me and brings me to tears once again.

I think Shayne by now releases how he might be touching the audience, so he changes it up some and throws in the song Free by the Zac Brown Band. I can see Shayne is getting into a country mode with this song and the next one is The Dance by Garth Brooks. Wow the lyrics in that song are so amazing.

It is getting close to the end of his show, he only has a few songs left now. Next up is another Neil Diamond song, September Morn.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen a breath-taking beautiful song is next. I have never really understood the meaning of this song but i love it.

I'll Carry You Home by Trisha Yearwood is the last song tonight.

What a lovely show Shayne! One thing you notice about Shayne is his great personality. If you have read my other blogs, you know how important I feel that is so that you can connect to the audience. Tonight, he connected with his audience so well through the gentleness of his singing, it hit a tender spot in me and brought me to tears. His powerful voice, warm and sweet, helps you to remember and cherish moments in your life.

Thank you for touching my life tonight through your music Shayne!

Thank you Michael for letting me blog for TFM, shows like this one makes it all worth it when it touches you.

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