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Silverlight GypsyHeart @ SOTO 28/5/21

Owner of Spirit of the Outback, an Aussie club that's been around since 2017, Silver has also been singing for the last 4 years. What started as a bit of fun at the O Lounge turned into a passion that continues to this day.

SOTO runs on Friday and Sunday nights and Silver is part of the line up on both those nights. Although she has sung elsewhere in the past she is singing exclusively at SOTO these days.

Silver is a Victorian and with her strong Aussie accent there's no denying where she comes from. Silver's sets are always a mix up. She keeps you on your toes as you don't know what you will get next. She loves strong ballads and softer songs that stir up the emotions, hard rock and a bit of pop and moves between them easily.

One of the things I love about Silver's concerts is she always includes some of my favourite singers and bands, like Foo Fighters and last night was about Stevie Nicks! Silver mentioned that Stevie Nicks turned 73 recently and then belted out one of her tunes. Silver has a great sense of humor and easily cracks jokes that have the audience laughing along with her.

Silverlight at SOTO will always provide for a Rockin' good night and a bit of a laugh

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