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  • Kandy Kyong


GYPSY: BORN TO ROCK!!!!! PINT SIZED, DYNAMIC AUSSIE ROCK CHIC !!!...VERSATILE...While called the Stevie Nicks of SL by many, SILVERLIGHT belts out all the big ROCK songs, as her power voice soars to fever pitch, the diversity of her vocals allows her to cover many genre, Silver GROWLS or sings SOFT AND SWEET...Silver has been blessed with the COLOURFUL,PURE CLEAN MELODIC TONES of her Irish/Geordie birthright, ADD in the twist of her Australian Accent AND her NATURAL BORN VIBRATO (envy of many in the singing world)Gypsy has a CHEEKY SENSE OF HUMOUR making for a Rockin' fun show. Genres::: Rock, Grunge, Alternative, Pop and Ballads from across the decades. Silver's shows are charged with fun, laughter and friendship throught great music and interaction.

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