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SomeWhereinTime Jupiter @ Romantica

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

As I walked towards the Entrance of 'Romantica Park', memories came back of the good times I've had here, a couple of times with a dance partner, and many times just coming to listen to artists. I know the owners well, Nisa and Muff Maverick. They have created an elegant, fairytale venue in the style of a Grecian open-air Pavillion, carrying on the theme by dressing in fragile fairy costumes. They are warm and friendly, greeting everyone personally, along with hostess Patience. Patience and her partner are dressed as Christmas puddings giving rise to lots of comments about puddings on fire.

SomewhereInTime stepped onto the stage and launched into 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland. This was my first time hearing SomeWereinTime, and from the first note, I knew I was going to enjoy his music. He has a deep pitch-perfect voice with a kind of jazzy bluesy style which I love. Walking in Wonderland was followed by 'Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer' and 'Do You See what I see'

This was a Christmas-themed show with SomeWhereinTime, singing many beautiful Christmas tunes my favorite being 'Oh Holy Night ' which SomeWhere sang with such moving emotion, it sent shivers down me.

SomewhereinTime ramped up the Tempo and sang ' Chain of Love', ... Do you

remember John Travolta doing THAT dance in the Movie? A classic. This was followed by 'God Bless Texas' and Ride Sally, and 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Here I Am'.

Nisa, Muff, Patience, and Timo hopped on the conga, You know you have a party when two Christmas puddings are doing the conga. SomewhereinTime was clearly loving every minute, taking his show over for an extra 30 minutes, bringing it to an end, way too soon, with Elvis Presley's 'Burning Love'

I came away from SomeWhereinTime's show with the music still in my head and a smile on my face. SomewhereinTime left me with a deep impression of a hugely caring and talented artist.

I have unashamedly copied this from SomeWereinTime's profile because his thoughts and feelings are so inspiring.

" Singing helps me express my deepest feelings. It brings me to a place of total bliss and beauty. When I sing it uncovers all my thoughts, emotions, and experiences in life. There is nothing in the world more peaceful and lovely. I believe it is a gift from above. "

This is the Essence of SomeWhereinTime

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