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SpiritLed @ Sinful Retreat - Filthy Fluno’s Grand Opening

It is always a wonderful experience to be able to participate in an opening in Sinful Retreat. Chucks and Jewels' commitment to art in SL is a big part of the success and the ever-growing art scene in SL. You can't thank these people enough.

Filthy Fluno's Grand Opening is a welcome back party. This artist, who was even ennobled in the New York Times Magazine with a report about his work, came back after 10 years to inspire us all with his art.

One of the musical highlights at the opening was the young musician SpiritLed. I'm always curious about new musicians who work a bit outside the mainstream and that's when I came across SpiritLed. Fortunately I can only say!

Some of the songs he brought back that evening were:

Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles
Train - Drops of Jupiter
Bungalow - Scott Helman
Pieces - Andrew Belle
Duran Duran - Ordinary World
Angel - Sarah McLachlan
Halo - Beyoncé

Even if I already knew all these songs, it was fascinating to get to know them completely new in the version of SpiritLed.

He makes something new out of all songs, gently adds his own depth and emotion and is really incomparably unique. His love for quieter soulful songs is already evident in his selection, but he is still able to give the whole thing even more delicacy and expression. It feels like he's breathing the music into your ear. It is a wonderful pleasure to hear his unique soft and high voice. He is able to take his listener into a dream world and let us escape reality for a while. Chapeau!

For those who love soft and soulful music, SpiritLed is the answer in SL.

**translated from German**

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