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Steve Who @ SL19B Second Life’s 18th Birthday!

Today I am at one of the performances for SL19B, the 19th Anniversary of Second Life! I was looking through live music events today and recognized the artist Steve Who. I heard him a year ago and thought I need to go hear him again! Last time I saw him he was playing tenor sax and sang a few songs in his performance. Normally we just cover singers and did not realize that he does not sing anymore in his shows. As he put it, people pay him not to sing lol That did not stop me from blogging him though. I have to say that he was a good singer and still is, he is just not doing it in sl anymore.

He is performing from Glasgow, Scotland today. He has had a music school for 25 years where he teaches all ages and all styles of music. He has played in various rock bands, big bands, small ensembles, orchestras, soloist both as singer songwriter and saxophonist, also co-founded the Christian rock band Triumph. There are great singers and musicians like this all over second life. If you have never been to a live event in second life you really need to go to one. There is so much talent surrounding us all here in Second Life and what a wonderful time to bring that to the forefront during the 19th Anniversary of Sl!

So looking forward to him starting his show. Who is Steve Who? Let us find that out!

He is very welcoming to his audience, and I like his style where he likes to talk in his performance because he is interesting. If you get a chance to ever hear him do not hesitate. I think that he also secretly wants to be a comedian because sometimes when he talks, he is quite funny! Everyone needs a smile on their face, and he can do that for you!

He played some great songs today. I am sure that you are familiar with many of them. Songs like "Blue Bossa", "Cry, Happy", "Tubthumping", "No Time Like Now", "Water from a Ancient Well", "Mercy Mercy", "Ri Na Cruinne", "Cold Duck", "Thinking Out Loud", "That's It", "New Me" and a couple of my favorites, "Green Onions", "Sway" and "Stiff Jazz".

So, he has now played a few songs and he is great! He talks about how he has been in sl a long time but only been performing for a couple of years and that he has stage fright. You would never know that because he is great at interacting with the audience. However, you would be amazed at how many performers are afraid when they are on stage.

I really did like the song "Cry" he played which is from the Ukraine. This song has a lovely beat to it. Steve is particularly good at talking about the background of a song. I really appreciate that he does that because music is not just about listening it is about what the song is about.

I enjoyed when he played "Happy" which was exactly what I was feeling when he played it. Such a very upbeat song. We can all use more of that in the world right now.

He then played a couple slower songs; it so reminds me of my father when he played the sax.

There is really no way to explain the tenor sax, it has a unique sound to it. It produces a mellow, rich, and deep sound. You really must be there to understand what I mean.

I was just going to say that his sax playing comes from his heart as he started talking about something like that. He was speaking about how singers sing from their heart. Steve really has it going on, so much talent he possesses.

The hour is going by extremely fast, and he saves a few great songs towards the end. I loved his version of Sway and then of course there was the song Green Onions!

Unfortunately, the show has end as I keep hearing the song Green Onions play over and over in my head, catchy tune. Steve plays the tracks to these songs and plays along with his sax which I really do like. It makes the show so much more interesting than just playing the sax by itself. You feel like you are there with a band and a live sax player. Steve is an overall great entertainer. You really do not want to miss his show!

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