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Sky~Stinna @ TAO

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I've come to the Easter TAO, not only in support of the very special cause this event is held for, KIKA, a charity searching for a cure for cancer in children based in the Netherlands. I've also come to write about a special lady, Sky~ Stinna I've known Stinna for a few years now. Stinna came to my club through a close friend of mine, Miha. He created a set with Stinna, himself, and Hedt Petrucci with the Headline ' A Thorn between Two Roses'. Real-life changed the line up . Hedy and Stinna stayed and I was so happy about that. Now here I am listening to Stinna sing. I know her voice so well. I've heard her sing many genres so well and in that time Stinna has evolved, looking for new songs and styles. One of these styles is the Celtic genre. I have always been a big fan of Celtic music, Enya, and Celtic woman. anything with that haunting mystery

Stinna sang a couple of tunes 'Turn Loose the Mermaid's and 'Eva, both haunting tunes that Stinna does so well. Having watched and listened to the video for 'Turn Loose the Mermaids ' . Sailors really, really need to be careful around mermaids !. Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic metal band and being endlessly curious, I listened to a lot of their tunes. They are a unique blend of Metal rock, Mythical, folk, and Operatic. Where have I been, not to know about this amazing band !??

Stinna included in her show, 'Dantes Prayer' and Mummer's Dance' by Loreena Mc Kennet, two very beautiful tunes. I love the way Stinna sings these songs, making them her own. I never ever tire of hearing her sing them. Stinna is an artist who knows exactly the tunes which suit her, something which I respect in a performer. . It's tempting to explore new songs, to expand your range. I sense in Stinna, an artist who is aware of her music, she has never sung a song that didn't compliment her style while still testing new ones.

By now we were all River Dancing along with Stinna while she sang ' Brave -Touch the Sky' from Disney and an Irish song called ' Star of the County Down' which took me back to singing 'Wild Rover in my hometown pubs. Amazing times:)

I've written a lot about the mythical, the folksy but Stinna is a LOT more than this. Stinna can sing Rock, Pop, and Popular music incl Abba, and Hey, I LOVE Abba:), but whatever she sings will be delivered with a Style all Stinna's own, making each tune her own.


By the time this is published TAO will be over, the stage taken down and all the merchant's stores emptied. Winter and his dedicated hardworking team will be taking a long-earned rest. They will be back planning the next TAO

Over a million linden was donated by so many kind and caring people. So many amazing and generous artist gave their time to helping this Dutch Children's Charity.

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